Keep Synthetic Turf Play-Ready With Bullseye™ Products

Synthetic turf requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep playing surfaces performing their best and draining properly, as well as to maximize their useful life. Toro’s new line of Bullseye products has you covered with the solutions you need to keep your synthetic fields in optimal playing condition. Make your job easier with these efficient ways to groom, clean and de-compact your synthetic turf fields:

Multiple Grooming Options
The QuickGroom™ lineup of grooming brushes provides great tools for regular brushing and grooming of your synthetic turf fields. For example, the QuickGroom 550’s ground-driven, counter-rotating brushes are highly effective at incorporating infill material. The triangular shape of the QuickGroom 700 efficiently stands up turf fibers. And the available spring tine, magnet and wheel accessory kits provide additional decompacting, cleaning and versatility to the QuickGroom 710.

All-in-One Cleaning
The FieldClean™ 580 all-in-one synthetic turf cleaner decompacts and grooms synthetic surfaces for improved playing conditions and a top-notch field appearance. It effectively removes and collects dust, hair and other fine particles with a high-flow vacuum while allowing infill material to return to the field surface.

Turf De-compaction
The FieldFill™ 660 synthetic turf decompaction tool redistributes and incorporates infill and grooms the field surface — all in a single pass. Five rotating brushes work to stand up tired turf fibers and lightly de-compact infill material to help make your field look and play like new again. Another option, the FieldCombo 770, lets you decompact or incorporate infill, lightly groom the field surface, or complete all three tasks in a single pass. The rear brushes can be attached in three different positions, and it has a large 77″ (195.5 cm) working width for efficiency.

Debris Sweeping
Remove debris efficiently while retaining field infill with the ground-driven FieldSweep™ 660synthetic turf debris sweeper. It can remove surface debris, lightly decompact infill, smooth the field surface and remove magnetic objects (with the optional magnet) in a single pass. Or, if you’re looking for a dedicated heavy-duty magnetic sweeper, choose the FieldMagnet™ 600. It features a durable inner steel structure and offers the highest power available from a tow-behind magnet of this kind. Magnetic objects are collected and easily released from the fold-down tray.

Bullseye products are compatible with Toro Outcross® and Workman® GTX, MDX and HDX utility vehicles. In addition to these synthetic turf products, the Bullseye lineup includes new solutions for natural grass aeration, renovation/verticutting and seeding options. Check out the complete Bullseye line at or contact your local Toro distributor for details.