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Iconic Grounds: The Rose Bowl Stadium

Picture this: It’s 70 degrees and the third quarter of the Rose Bowl Game® and you’re watching from the stands […]

Community Works Together to Revitalize Century-Old City Golf Course
City Park Golf Course in Denver, Colorado, is more than a municipal golf course. It’s a legend. Find out how the community came together to revitalize it for generations to come.
Iconic Grounds: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is a treasured L.A. landmark with a rich history of hosting legendary events. Find out what keeps this legacy field in top, playable condition.
Iconic Grounds: Central Park
How do you care for and protect grounds used by 42 million visitors each year? Get the inside scoop as we go behind the scenes in the world’s most famous park.
Iconic Grounds: Notre Dame
Notre Dame is situated on 1,250 acres, which are thought of as some of the most beautiful university grounds of any in the nation. The park-like landscape surrounds the collegiate Gothic architecture that makes up the university’s academic halls and administration buildings. For this Iconic Grounds profile, we asked Notre Dame’s superintendent of landscape services Timothy Dyczko to explain how his team maintains the university grounds to ensure visitors experience the beauty of Notre Dame every time they step on campus.
Iconic Grounds: Biltmore
What does the expansive Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina, and Central Park in New York City have in common? Both grounds were designed by the “Father of Landscape Architecture in America” — Frederick Law Olmsted. More than 130 years after Olmsted first took in the mountain views from the future home of George W. Vanderbilt, his vision remains the guiding principle for the estate’s landscaping.
Iconic Grounds: City of LA
From the valley to the sea, the City of LA Parks and Recreation Department maintains more than 16,000 parkland acres and 444 iconic sites with the help of Toro equipment. Learn how LA Parks and Rec has positioned itself as the keeper of LA’s backyard as well as a community resource.
Iconic Grounds: Target Field
As spectacular as Target Field is, the most iconic thing about it may be the climate — in more ways than one. Head groundskeeper Larry DiVito explains in this Iconic Grounds profile.
Iconic Grounds: Lincoln Financial Field
The first article in our series on iconic facilities features the home of the Philadelphia Eagles. Check out this profile for a few fun facts that might surprise you.