When it comes to air power, the Toro® Pro Force™ debris blower leads the pack. This versatile machine makes it easy to clear debris fast — from grass clippings, leaves and aeration cores to sand, gravel and trash. It’s ideal for keeping playgrounds, parks, paths and other paved areas debris-free.

Unmatched Air Power

The more air power you have, the faster you can finish the job. That’s the key to the Pro Force blower’s productivity. The design pairs a 27 hp Kohler® Command Pro® engine with a highly efficient turbine-style fan to deliver tremendous air power. In fact, independent third-party tests show the Pro Force blower generates greater airflow volume than any other single-nozzle, turbine-type debris blower currently available.*

Remote Control Operation

With the Pro Force blower’s handheld remote control, there’s no need to stop to make adjustments. You don’t even need to leave the seat of the tow vehicle! From the remote, the operator can start and stop the blower engine, rotate the nozzle a full 360 degrees in either direction, and even adjust the engine throttle up or down to match the air power to the job. It’s easy to reduce sound near bystanders. And without all the stopping and starting, it can help save fuel.

Easy to Transport

The Pro Force blower can be towed behind a Toro Workman MD Series or similar turf utility vehicle. Need to clear debris on public streets? Toro offers a Pro Force model equipped with D.O.T.-approved tires, fenders, torsion axle, taillights and more.

Toro Durability

Toro products are known for durability, and the Pro Force blower is no exception. It’s built to stand up to a wide range of demanding jobs, so you can keep repairs and downtime to a minimum. Rugged features include a sturdy steel trailer frame with an adjustable heavy-duty tow hitch, as well as a fully enclosed exhaust system to protect the operator and prevent debris from entering the fan assembly. The blower also has the industry’s first one-piece molded plastic nozzle, which is more durable than metal nozzles.

Double the Warranty

Toro is so confident in the durability of the Pro Force debris blower, it’s backed by a 2-year or 1,500-hour warranty. That’s one more year of protection compared to the leading competitors.

Learn More

See how the easy-to-use Pro Force debris blower can enhance your crew’s productivity at toro.com/proforce.

* Testing per the ANSI/AMCA 210-07 standard for Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Certified Aerodynamic Performance Rating.

**Customer is responsible for licensing the product through their local Department of Motor Vehicles