Consistency and accuracy are key to make sure the chemicals you apply work effectively. That’s exactly what the new Toro® Multi Pro 1750 delivers. We took hundreds of hours of customer input and used it to create one of the most advanced 175-gallon dedicated vehicle sprayers on the market. Every facet is engineered to enhance the vehicle performance and enhance the precision and control of the spray system.

Here’s a closer look at what sets the Multi Pro 1750 apart — and what makes it so effective.

High Volume and Instant Pressure

The Multi Pro 1750 features an oversized, six-diaphragm pump — an industry exclusive! This pump produces ample pressure and up to twice the flow of two diaphragm pumps for aggressive mixing and thorough agitation. In addition, when the pump is engaged, it’s always on so start up spray lag is virtually eliminated. So you can count on accurate application rates from start to finish.

Elliptical Tank for 99 Percent Spray-Out

The new 175-gal elliptical chemical tank design has no shelves or corners for chemical to stick to or build up on, which helps ensure a 99 percent spray-out of chemical. The tank is made of durable polyethylene, which won’t crack, dent, rust, chip or peel. It also has a 16-inch side-offset fill well for easy access to load chemicals.


Industry-Leading Mixing

Three 30-degree, side-mounted agitation nozzles continuously “roll” the tank contents. This dynamic action suspends wettable powders and water-soluble granules to achieve industry-leading mixing — another feature that helps ensure 99 percent spray-out. The nozzles can also be serviced from outside the spray tank.

Together, the six diaphragm pump elliptical tank and side agitation nozzles produce the most accurate and efficient sprayer on the market.

Intuitive Control

The sprayer control console features Toro’s exclusive new Quick Find™ feature, which helps the operator intuitively find boom and actuator switches with the palm of their hand — no need to look down. The InfoCenter™ display and the analog pressure gauge are located just above these switches, keeping all key sprayer operation data in the operator’s line of sight.  Everything is at the operator’s fingertips for ease of use and improved control.


Plus Much More

The Multi Pro 1750 is packed with other new features, including an all-new frame designed for excellent ground clearance and a smooth ride. A new “hill assist” feature adds traction and the new operator platform features an adjustable high-back seat for added comfort. Plus, in the event of an impact, the rugged 18.5-ft triangular spray boom breaks away toward the front or rear to protect nozzles and raises to a crisscross position for storage and transport.

To check out all the new features on the Multi Pro 1750, see your local Toro distributor or visit