Fungicides and other chemicals can stain your sprayer tank, leaving the public to wonder what you’re really applying to your grounds. Toro offers two optional attachments that help keep your main chemical tank dramatically cleaner while also saving up to an hour of cleanup time. There’s also an Ultra Sonic Boom Leveling Kit that automatically keeps your spray boom at the proper application height over undulations in the ground.

Available for the Multi Pro 5800 sprayer, these accessory kits can easily be installed by your Toro distributor on a new unit or an MP5800 that you already own.


Clean Load Chemical Eductor Kit

This side-mounted onboard mixing station lowers to waist height, so operators don’t have to lift chemical over the tank to the water fill port. It’s a safer, easier way to load the main tank without messy spills and stains. This kit:

• Creates a safe, comfortable loading height for a spray tech standing on the ground.

• Keeps the main tank looking cleaner by avoiding spills at the water fill port.

• Reduces the potential for chemical spills and improves operator safety.

• Includes a built-in rinse nozzle to clean the inside of chemical jugs.

• Comes with a suction hose to draw chemicals from a container.


Automated Clean Rinse System — a Toro Exclusive

Toro’s 30-gallon fresh water rinse tank kit offers several major advantages over other rinse systems. It’s automated, so the operator simply pushes a button to run a rinse cycle instead of stopping to manually change valves.  It has a separate electric pump and plumbing, so only fresh water is used — instead of chemical-laden water from the main pump. And it’s safer, since nozzles can be serviced from outside the unit without needing to enter the tank.

• Each cycle takes 90 seconds and can be done while the unit is driven.

• Independent electric pump and plumbing means only fresh water is used.

• Two 14-orifice nozzles completely bathe the tank with clean water.

• Allows for three 10-gallon rinse cycles without returning to the water source.

• No need to reach into the tank with a hose to rinse tank walls.


Ultra Sonic Boom Leveling Kit — a Toro Exclusive

Spray boom height is critical to ensure the proper application rate. But that can be a challenge on uneven ground and hills. This leveling kit maintains the proper spray boom height over undulating ground, so your spray tech has one less thing to worry about.

• Sonar sensors detect ground height for exceptional ground-following capability

• Hydraulic boom lift cylinders provide fast response to maintain proper 20” height

• Helps prevent turf damage from misapplied chemicals or a dragging boom


Twin Turbo Air Induction Nozzles

Most nozzles spray only one side of the leaf. These nozzles have twin turbo spray jets to cover both sides of the leaf, so they’re ideal for systemic and contact coverage. The air induction feature significantly reduces spray drift during windy conditions. The .8 gpm, 1 gpm and 1.5 gpm nozzles are exclusively available from Toro.


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