Sports fields take a beating from practices and games. The Toro Reelmaster® 3550-D mower can give the turf a break while making it look good. The Reelmaster 3550-D is designed to deliver the speed and cutting width needed for high productivity, without the heavy footprint of a full-size reel mower. And the quality-of-cut is outstanding.

Light Weight = Less Stress On Turf

At just 1,985 pounds in the base configuration, the Reelmaster 3550-D is significantly lighter than comparably equipped competitive mowers weighing up to 2,600 pounds. The lighter weight allows sensitive turf areas to flourish. The Reelmaster 3550-D also makes gentle turns and minimizes compaction and tire marking. That means less stress on turf, especially in the hot summer months.


Boost Productivity

In the past, choosing a mower for a lighter footprint on sensitive, delicate turf has typically involved a trade-off: lighter mowers have been generally slower, with a narrower cutting width. The Reelmaster 3550-D changes that. With a maximum mowing speed of 7 mph, the Reelmaster 3550-D is up to 40 percent faster than a typical triplex mower. It also offers an 82-inch width-of-cut, significantly larger than the more common 59-inch cutting width. The higher speed and wider cutting swath add up to finishing the job faster, which makes a big difference in productivity and operating costs.

Power And Traction

The Reelmaster 3550-D features a 24.8 hp Kubota diesel engine with plenty of power, even while running groomers and rear roller brushes. Smooth, turf-friendly tires are standard, as is a series/parallel 3-wheel drive system that provides outstanding traction on wet turf. To learn more, call your local Toro distributor or visit