When you buy equipment from Toro, you get more than a machine. You get access to a full range of information, training and support to get the most out of that machine for as long as you own it.

That starts with Toro distributor partners, who are your first line of support. Toro distributors are backed by a complete support system from Toro, which includes training to continually improve their capabilities so they can provide best-in-the-business service to our customers.


Other resources are also available directly from Toro to assist our end-users in maintaining and enhancing their equipment. The more they know about the machines they are working with, the more productive and efficient they can be. Here are a few examples:

TAC tube videos from Toro’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Toro’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) produces videos with step-by-step instructions for service technicians. Two examples for end-users include the calibration of a Multi Pro® 1750 sprayer or Pro Control spray controller. Toro also develops TAC Tube Videos to assist distributor service personnel as they continuously strive to improve their local service capabilities. Toro continues to work on more of these helpful “TAC tube” videos and will post them online when they are produced.


Safety training videos. We ship a safety training video with every Toro® commercial product — a great tool for educating new users. If the product is a new design and the video is not yet available, a video request card is included for the customer to send back and the new training video is shipped when it is produced. In the future, these videos will be available in an online library so you can find safety training videos for other Toro commercial products.

Toro University Service Training Center. Comprehensive, hands-on technician training workshops are held regularly at The Toro Company headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota. Click here for a schedule of upcoming sessions. Many Toro distributors also offer local training opportunities, so ask your distributor for details.


SMARTManuals. Interactive online manuals with videos are available for some of our more complex products. Click here to view the selection.

In addition to these training opportunities, your local Toro distributor is an excellent resource for questions and service assistance. You can also visit the Customer Support section of our website for options and more information.