New Toro DXi™ Satellite Delivers Precision Irrigation Control With Mobile Access

Water is a precious commodity. Your grounds need it to stay healthy and looking their best, but it’s important to only use the right amount of water at the right time andin the right areas. A central control system is the key to precise and efficient irrigation — and now there’s a way to get even more precision capabilities with the convenience of remote operation.

Introducing Toro DXi™
Designed with busy sports field, municipal and grounds crews in mind, Toro® DXi™ is an advanced central control satellite that supports two powerful software packages in a single controller platform. It can be powered by either Rain Master® Laguna™ Management Software or Toro Sentinel® Water Management Software (WMS), so users of either system can add DXi without having to replace their central control software. That’s a significant advantage.

The DXi controller platform is also future-ready, so it has the flexibility to accommodate new innovations and changing site needs quickly and economically.

Enhanced Hardware Features
DXi hardware can be built to order in a variety of configurations — from multiple enclosure options (including wall-mount and pedestal) to multiple irrigation methods (conventional, 2-wire or hybrid). It’s packed with features that are designed for durability and ease of use, including:

  • Electronic paper-style LCD display for visibility in heavy sunlight, with an integrated LED backlight for dark conditions and intuitive soft keys for easy selection
  • In-cabinet light for easier maintenance in low-light conditions
  • Exceptional surge/lightning protection
  • Pivoting mounting brackets for less cumbersome in-field maintenance and installation
  • Custom-fit clear electrical board covers that allow users to check wiring and connections at a glance and protect circuits from unwanted pests

In addition, DXi satellites allow for precision control and water management add-ons, such as the ability to manage multiple flow sensors and master valve pumps. They also support Toro flow and moisture decoders.

Wide Range Of Functionality
From basic irrigation scheduling to advanced ET calculations, flow sharing and flow management, DXi offers a wide range of precision irrigation management capabilities. The exact feature set varies depending on whether you use Laguna or WMS, but capabilities range from up to 16 programs, up to 12 start times per program (8 for WMS), up to 48 “omit days,” and two customizable establishment programs (Laguna).

Mobile Connectivity And Cellular Communication
The DXi satellite offers mobile connectivity and supports cellular communication with no initial service subscription required. In fact, customers receive 10 years of built-in cellular service with the purchase of a cellular controller kit. No competitor offers this without additional charges.

DXi satellites are also Cloud Connect compatible, which enables remote firmware updates, more robust and timely reports and diagnostics, and simultaneous communication to all controllers — no need to be tied to the office. Plus, there are multiple options for communication between the controller and central control software, including Ethernet, radio, WiFi and cellular. DXi satellites are also compatible with the ProMax Maintenance Remote, which allows controllers to be operated remotely from watering zone sites using a hand-held transmitter.

Operate Stations And Programs From A Mobile Device
DXi satellites work with the new ProMax™ Connect app, a free, cloud-based remote maintenance tool that allows users to operate stations and programs — and troubleshoot with ease — from their mobile devices.

With the ProMax Connect App, you can activate single or multiple stations, monitor real-time flow rates, create and activate a one-time program “syringe,” and much more. You can also manage rain holds, alerts and all-station tests, in addition to viewing local weather information at each satellite.

Learn More About DXi
Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing system or you’re planning for a new build or site, DXi opens up the possibilities for greater irrigation precision and control. To learn more about the new DXi central control satellite, visit

*Open internet access required for cloud capability.