Toro® EVOLUTION®: The Next Generation In Irrigation Control

The days of turning dials and flipping switches to control your irrigation system are over. Toro’s new EVOLUTION Series controller combines an intuitive digital interface with an expandable modular design and smart capabilities — perfect for sports fields and grounds.

Based on years of customer research to find the perfect balance between simplicity and advanced functionality, the EVOLUTION offers several major advantages. Here’s a quick look at these benefits …

Modern digital interface for easy operation.

Simple digital menus are designed for easy navigation, inspired by other menu-driven consumer electronics such as cell phones, DVRs or GPS navigation systems. Grounds crews with less experience can use the shortcut buttons for quick access to basic functions (such as manually turning stations off/on when they’re mowing), while advanced features let more experienced crew members program schedules and manage functions. Each menu uses words, phrases and questions that are user-friendly and easy to understand.


Control Your Irrigation System As Easily as a USB.

USB port for computer programming, updates and more.

The EVOLUTION controller lets you save your irrigation schedule on a standard USB stick. You can save this file on a computer, email it to others, and/or leave the stick connected to back up the program at any time. Files can also be saved with custom names by schedule and by zone (such as Winter, Fall, Spring, etc., and Stadium, North Side, South Side, etc.) for easy management. In addition, this USB capability lets you:

  • Share one program with multiple controllers on the site.
  • Program a custom “Help” screen message of up to five lines that tells users where to call for assistance (for example, “Contact Campus Maintenance at (phone number) or (email)”).
  • Upgrade your controller with free firmware downloads as new features and capabilities are added — so the controller evolves over time

Note: You can download free EVOLUTION Scheduling Advisor™ software from to create and save your irrigation schedules and much more. This software is not required, but it allows you to do more with your controller. Firmware upgrades are also available on this site.


Wireless connectivity with Smart Connect® accessories.

An optional Smart Connect device plugs into the EVOLUTION controller’s timing mechanism for wireless communication with up to four add-on devices that can help save time and water. You can add weather-sensing capabilities without having to pay a monthly fee for connectivity or weather service data. And the plug-in design is clean and streamlined, tucked away in the back panel with no dangling wires or externally mounted receivers.

An Irrigation System That Can Sense Weather and Soil Conditions.

Add-on accessory options include:

  • A wireless evapotranspiration (ET) weather sensor that uses live temperature and solar measurements as well as historical weather data for your location to automatically adjust watering for you.
  • Up to three Toro Precision™ Soil Sensors (you can assign one per schedule) that monitor soil conditions and prevent over/under watering on different areas of the property — no digging required to install
  • A handheld remote that allows you to turn zones or programs on and off manually from up to 1,000 feet (305 m) away
  • Up to two wireless auxiliary relays to control items such as low-voltage landscape lighting, holiday lights or water features (such as fountain pumps) from the same controller. Simply plug the relay into a standard outlet and plug the item into the relay to wirelessly turn these items on or off on a 7-day schedule.

The EVOLUTION controller is available as an indoor model or as an outdoor model with a locking door cover. The standard four-zone controller offers the option to add up to two 4-zone modules or one 12-zone module for a total of up to 16 irrigation zones.


Whether your irrigation setup is simple or advanced, this controller is built to evolve to match the needs of the location. In fact, the patent-pending design is so innovative, it was named the winner of the Irrigation Association’s 2013 New Product Contest in the Turf/Landscape category at the Irrigation Show in Austin, Texas.

For more information and videos, go to You can also click the “Where To Buy” tab on this website or go to to find where Toro EVOLUTION is available near you.