One of Germany’s most beautiful and modern football stadiums, the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart, recently unveiled its latest additions in advanced irrigation technologies to help keep the field in top condition, which includes Toro’s innovative Turf Guard® wireless soil monitoring system.

Irrigation_Stuttgart-Story-Images-1In June of 2013, Mercedes-Benz Arena officials installed the ultramodern 21-point sprinkler system, created by The Toro Company. The Mercedes-Benz Arena’s irrigation system includes 18 Toro 855S Series sprinklers around the perimeter and three TS90 sprinklers at midfield. The irrigation system can be adjusted by an Internet-based control system that can adapt to changing conditions and irrigation needs. Additionally, five Turf Guard® sensors measure the field’s soil moisture, salinity and temperature to allow for optimal and efficient turf management.

The irrigation system is managed by a digital controller utilizing the GPRS network, which allows users to automatically or manually monitor and control irrigation from anywhere via computer, laptop or smartphone. The wireless soil sensors also can help determine accurate fertilizer parameters resulting in more efficient dosing and, ultimately, cost savings. This includes up to 25% savings in water usage and up to 15% in fertilizer usage.

Irrigation_Stuttgart-Story-Images-2Toro’s Turf Guard sensors also enable early detection of lawn disease by accurately and consistently measuring soil temperature unique to each stadium’s microclimate. For example, if soil temperature is too high, the groundskeeper can access the system with their smartphone, select an irrigation program to adequately reduce the soil temperature, and thereby avoid the risk of lawn disease.

Specifications of the system include:

  • Control and monitoring of the system via the Internet;
  • The Turf Guard system helps monitor and provide data on soil moisture, salinity and temperature;
  • Fast-rotating TS90 Series sprinklers with TurfCup™ provide a rotation speed of 2 minutes at 360°; and,
  • 855S Series sprinklers with artificial grass cover.