The All-New Greensmaster® 1000 Series: A Mowing Legend Is Born

Consistent playing conditions can only be achieved when the operator and mower can work in harmony. Toro has made that possible with the all-new Greensmaster® 1000 Series fixed-head walk greensmowers. This revolutionary design was expertly engineered to eliminate variability among operators of different sizes and skill levels, delivering the most consistent quality-of-cut and playing conditions on premier sports fields.

Working in Perfect Harmony
The new Greensmaster 1000 Series takes the walk mower to a completely new level by synchronizing the machine with the operator — starting with an industry-first telescoping loop handle. The 5-position handle can be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate operators of varying heights for mowing in the most comfortable, natural upright position. This simple adjustment not only reduces operator fatigue, but also helps eliminate the chance for variation in the quality of cut from operator to operator.

Handle isolation mounts give the cutting units consistent contact with the ground throughout the mowing process, eliminating even the slightest variability in the height-of-cut that can occur due to variations in handle pressure or differing operator strides. The new design also reduces the distance between the drum and the reel for precise handling in turns, as well as better performance on areas with modest undulations. Plus, all operational controls, including reel engagement, throttle and traction, are within easy reach for the operator.

In addition, the unique dual-function bail combines safety and operational control – especially in tight turns, where you can slow down or come to a complete stop without disengaging traction.

Unparalleled Cut Quality
Greensmaster 1000 Series mowers incorporate a variety of new features that enhance after-cut appearance. For example, the mowers use easy-to-change-out DPA cutting units with EdgeSeries™ Reels for a crisp, close, precise cut. These cutting units give you the flexibility to choose an 8-, 11- or 14- blade configuration. An easy-to-reach hi-lo clip rate knob also allows the clip frequency to easily be changed in the field. Additional clip rate settings are available using a simple gear change process for even more fine-tuning of the cut quality if needed.

Beyond these features, Toro made it easy to customize your Greensmaster for your field’s individual needs. The innovative swing axle design makes it easy to place the bedknife cutting edge in an optimal position for higher heights of cut. An optional groomer can also interlace with the roller to further customize the cut and after-cut appearance.

Simplified Maintenance for Lower Operating Costs
The demand for perfection on high-end sports fields has never been greater, yet facilities continue to be challenged with increasingly smaller budgets and shortages in skilled labor. That’s why another key focus during the development of the new Greensmaster 1000 Series was to save time and money by minimizing and simplifying maintenance.

The entire maintenance process is streamlined to maximize uptime without sacrificing performance, contributing to a lower overall cost of ownership. For example, our new gear drive transmission is designed for durability and longevity. It’s lubricated for life, no daily greasing required. We also designed the mower to be modular with the ability to change out the engine, transmission, drum or cutting unit in minutes — not hours.

Other features include an optional onboard backlapping kit, which allows you to backlap directly using transport wheels. You can even backlap multiple machines simultaneously without additional motors or bench tools (GR 1021 and 1026 only).

A simple traction release lever makes it easy to move the mowers around the shop as well.

These and other features make sure that operators and equipment managers can easily create consistent and reliable playing conditions and keep the fleet of walk mowers running smoothly at all times.

A Full Lineup
The all-new Greensmaster 1000 Series models are powered by 3.5 HP (at 3600 RPM) Honda® GX120 engines* with ample power for cutting and accessorizing. Models are available in a variety of standard cutting widths, including:

  • Greensmaster 1018 with an 18-inch (45.7 cm) cutting width
  • Greensmaster 1021 with a 21-inch (53.3 cm) cutting width
  • Greensmaster 1026 with a 26-inch (66 cm) cutting width

The new Greensmaster 1000 Series greensmowers redefine the standard for fixed-head cutting performance and consistent playing conditions on premier sports fields. Visit for details or contact your local Toro distributor to learn more.

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