Turn Your Workman® HD Into a Precision Sprayer

If you occasionally need a sprayer but don’t want to invest in a dedicated unit, Toro has the solution for you. The Multi Pro® WM advanced spray system attaches a Toro Workman® HD or HDX utility vehicle, so you can tackle a range of tasks with one machine.

Maximum Versatility
Only need to spray occasionally? No problem. Attach the Multi Pro WM sprayer when you need it and remove it when you don’t. You can add other accessories such as a topdresser as needed, or replace the cargo bed for hauling, towing and more. With the Workman, you have a versatile vehicle that can be used all year long.

Easy to Install and Remove
The Multi Pro WM sprayer typically takes about 15 minutes to install by making a few simple connections — no wiring needed. For even more convenience, Toro also offers optional jack stands that allow you to back the vehicle in, disconnect the sprayer and lift the entire unit with a few turns of a crank. Drive the vehicle out from underneath and it’s ready for another attachment. The next time you need a sprayer, simply back in between the jack stands and turn the crank to lower the Multi Pro WM back into position. Once connected, it’s ready to go.


Precise Spray Control
In addition to versatility, the Multi Pro WM offers the same cutting-edge spray system found on Toro’s dedicated Multi Pro units. It’s the most advanced, efficient and accurate 200-gallon (757-liter) bed-mounted sprayer accessory for a utility vehicle on the market. This spray system includes Toro’s industry-exclusive 6-diaphragm pump, which satisfies the highest spray rates while simultaneously supplying generous agitation flow.

Toro’s spray system is also designed to maintain a consistent application rate by adjusting for the ground speed of the vehicle. That’s an advantage compared to units that spray at a constant rate, whether the operator speeds up or slows down.

Elliptical Tank Design
Square tanks with interior ledges can lead to misapplication or residual product left in the tank after the spray application. Toro’s elliptical polyethylene tank has no shelves or corners for product to stick on, which helps ensure a 99 percent spray-out of product. In addition, four 15-degree side-mounted agitation nozzles continuously “roll” the tank’s contents. These agitation nozzles can be serviced from outside of the spray tank.

Toro also offers a push-button fresh-water rinse system, saving hours of cleanup time. This system includes a separate electric pump, plumbing and dual-rinse nozzles, along with enough on-board capacity to complete a triple rinse process. Together, these features make it easier to keep the sprayer clean for optimal performance day in and day out.

Additional Workman Advantages
When it comes to getting from one spray location to the next, many customers also say they appreciate the ground speed of the Workman vehicle. With a forward ground speed of up to 20 mph (32 km/h), it’s faster than typical dedicated sprayer units. That helps when you’re trying to finish all of your spraying early in the morning, or need to spray several properties that are a significant distance apart.

Plus, unlike dedicated units, Workman HD and HDX models also offer the option to choose a gasoline or diesel engine, as well as four-wheel drive capability for additional traction in areas with lots of hills and undulations.


More Features
A rugged three-section, 18.5-foot (5.6 m) triangular spray boom provides fore and aft breakaway on impact while protecting the nozzles. It can be raised into a crisscross position for storage and transportation. An optional 20.5-foot (6.25 m) boom width extension kit is also available.

In addition, the pressure gauge and sprayer control switches are all located on the InfoCenter™ console. And Toro’s exclusive Quick Find™ feature helps the operator intuitively find boom and actuator switches on the console without looking at them.

Create Your Own Configuration
A wide range of additional accessories are available for the Multi Pro WM, including a chemical pre-mix kit, electric hose reel kit, hand spray wand kit, sunshade, LED rear work light and more. To customize the ideal sprayer to meet your specific needs, try our new online configurator tool. This tool lets you add accessories to the base unit and email your custom configuration to other members of your staff or your Toro distributor.

For more information about the Multi Pro WM, visit toro.com or contact your local Toro distributor.