Now you can mow more grass on every pass with the new 100-inch deck, now available for the Groundsmaster® 7210. The new deck size is unique in the market for a mower of this kind.

Up to 39% more mowing capacity

The new 100-inch deck increases mowing capacity by up to 39 percent compared to a traditional 72-inch deck. That extra capacity means it can cover almost 3 more acres per hour.* That’s a significant increase in productivity.



Articulating wings for a clean cut

This PTO-driven, 5-blade cutting deck system consists of a 52-inch center deck with three 18-inch cutting blades — as well as two wing decks, each with a single 25-inch cutting blade. The two wing decks articulate up to 15 degrees up or down, which helps provide a clean cut on undulating ground. The wing decks can also be raised so the mower fits easily on a trailer.


Same excellent ground clearance and handling

With a mow/transport speed of 12.5 mph and ground clearance of 8 inches, the Groundsmaster 7210 can effortlessly climb curbs — even with the new 100-inch deck. Note: the height-of-cut range with the 100-inch deck is 1 to 5 inches.

Stability and maneuverability

Designed with sports fields, grounds and semi-rough area mowing in mind, the zero-turn Groundsmaster 7210 plus a 100” cutting deck equals a “lower cost to operate” solution for large-area mowing. Add the versatility of the PolarTrac system for snow removal and rear attachments for infield grooming, and you have a versatile machine to use year round.


Ask your local Toro distributor about the new 100-inch deck, now available for the Groundsmaster 7210 — or go to

* Based on published maximum mowing speeds and 85 percent mowing efficiency, a Groundsmaster 7210 can mow 7.7 acres/hr. with a 72-inch deck, compared to 10.6 acres/hr. with a 100-inch deck.