Need to stretch a limited labor force? Toro Groundsmaster® 360 mowers can help your crew do more in less time. From trimming around obstacles to safely climbing curbs, they’re built for productivity. And when mowing season is done, you can add optional attachments to remove snow, dethatch and more.

The Toro Groundsmaster 360 combines the maneuverability and ground speed of a zero turn radius mower with the stability and versatility of an out-front rotary mower, so you get the best of both. Here’s how the Groundsmaster 360 maximizes productivity to help you get more for your investment:

It turns on a dime without tearing up the turf.

Quad-Steer™ all-wheel steering literally turns around a single blade of grass. Operators can maneuver around obstacles and tight spaces most zero-turn mowers can’t access — without wasting time in reverse. This machine can make 90˚ turns around building and fence corners, so less follow-up trimming is required. It’s ideal for parks, schools and other properties with lots of obstacles.

It climbs hills and hugs turns without slipping.

The CrossTrax® all-wheel drive system increases traction on slopes and wet terrain. Plus, a wider wheelbase adds exceptional hillside stability and control. These machines can climb higher curbs than other machines, so crews can mow medians with ease.

It’s easy to operate, even for the less experienced.

Controls are at the operator’s fingertips. A comfortable suspension seat reduces stress and vibration. And the ergonomic design provides an excellent line of sight to the front, back and sides of the machine. This design allows less experienced operators to be trained and productive faster and avoid causing damage to turf, obstacles or the mower itself.

It can be productive year round.

Four-wheel drive models feature an optional Quick Attach system that lets one person change out front attachments in less than a minute. Toro offers attachments including a V-plow, snow thrower, rotary broom and snow blade, so you can clear sidewalks and other areas year round.

New attachments for 2012

A new removable winter enclosure is available for four-wheel drive models, allowing multi-season use at a lower cost. This weather-tight enclosure includes a heater, a lighting package and much more.

A new flail mower attachment is available through the allied vendor, Vrismo. This attachment can mow and brush, scalp for overseeding, dethatch old turf, and destroy aeration plugs. It’s perfect for roadside or trail maintenance.

The Toro Groundsmaster 360 offers a 72” width of cut in a side discharge, rear discharge or Guardian® Recycler® configuration. Two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models are available, as well as a four-wheel drive model with a permanent safety cab. Other features include a Kubota® 4-cylinder diesel engine and a durable bull-nose deck constructed of 7-gauge high-strength steel.

See what the Groundsmaster 360 can do for your operation. Visit for a virtual demo, or ask your Toro distributor for details.