Operators will stay cool and comfortable year round with greater airflow, air conditioning capacity and more.

When you’re mowing long hours on a hot, humid day, cab conditions make a difference. Even a slight increase in temperature can impact operator productivity and safety. That’s why Toro’s new, improved Groundsmaster® safety cab is designed with comfort in mind.


Here are some of the key improvements Toro has made:

Better ventilation with 40 percent greater airflow

The new cab has five air vents that can be rotated 360 degrees, so operators can direct air where it’s needed for comfort and defrosting/de-misting. They can also choose outside air, cabin air or a combination of both. And the front and rear windows open for fresh-air ventilation.


Efficient cooling with 15 percent more air conditioning capacity

The new HVAC system is larger, and the air conditioning condenser fans are mounted on the rear of the cab frame. With this design, air goes straight through the AC condenser, improving cooling efficiency. Tinted glass on the right and left doors and rear window also reduce heat and glare.

Easier cleaning and service access

Components are easy to reach for filter changes and air conditioning condenser cleaning. And the low-profile roof leaves no area for debris to collect.


Enhanced safety with emergency exits on four sides

Side doors and quick-release window latches on front and rear windows allow emergency exit on all four sides of the cab. All-around visibility is great, too.


Take the tour!

Cooler temperatures reduce fatigue, which adds up to safer operation — and that’s exactly what this cab is designed to do. Watch this video for a closer look at all of the operator-friendly features on the new design.

The new cab is available for Toro Groundsmaster 4010-D and 4110-D rotary mowers. For more information, you can also contact your local Toro distributor or visit www.toro.com.