Boost Your Productivity With the Groundsmaster® 4000

When you have large areas of grass to mow, productivity is the top priority. With an 11′ (3.4 m) width of cut, the Groundsmaster® 4000 rotary mower cuts a lot of grass fast. It also blends the toughness of our biggest, most productive machines with an excellent quality of cut and aftercut appearance.

Mow More and Maneuver Easily
Because of its cutting width, the Groundsmaster 4000 makes it possible to do more work with fewer mowers. It’s capable of mowing up to 9.3 acres per hour, so it’s perfect for large areas like parks and green spaces. It also maneuvers like a smaller mower, offering impressive trimming capability thanks to a tight 55.5″ (141 cm) wheelbase and an inner rear-steering turning angle of 53.5 degrees. In fact, it can make 180-degree turns with 0″ uncut circle, so you can easily mow striping patterns without leaving any grass uncut. No need to perform a Y-turn!

For added flexibility, the Groundsmaster 4000 has a center deck and two wing decks — so you can mow with one, two or all three decks engaged, depending on the situation. Being able to raise the deck on one side makes it easier to trim around obstacles and get into smaller spaces. The wing decks can also be raised to make the unit more compact for a transport width of 71″ (1.8 m).

Power and Traction for Tough Conditions
The Groundsmaster 4000 boasts a powerful turbo-charged 55 hp (41 kW) diesel engine. Plus, with its unmatched engine torque and patented parallel hydraulic traction system, you’ll be able to mow around objects on challenging hills with confidence.

The Groundsmaster 4000 also features full-time 4-wheel drive with automatic Smart Power™ traction assist. Smart Power automatically adjusts ground speed when encountering heavy cutting conditions to maintain optimum blade speed. This helps prevent the mower from bogging down, so even less experienced operators can achieve a consistent cut on hills and thick patches. Individual wheel brakes provide effective traction on wet turf as well, making the mower less likely to get stuck.

Serious Durability
Just as you’d expect from Toro, the heavy-duty welded steel decks on the Groundsmaster 4000 are built for extra durability and long life. Features include bull-nose bumpers, bumper skids and heavy-duty spindles that stand up to tough conditions. The dual tapered roller bearings last up to six times longer than ball bearings, and the large-diameter 9″ (229 mm) spindle housing reduces impact loads.

Each wing deck also features a bi-directional impact absorption system to help prevent damage in accidental impacts. If a deck hits an object, a spring-loaded cylinder allows the deck to flex on impact to protect deck components and reduce the likelihood of downtime.

Big on Comfort
When operators are comfortable, they can be more productive — and the Groundsmaster 4000 was designed with the operator in mind. An isolated platform reduces bumps and vibrations, while the adjustable air ride suspension seat further cushions the ride. The steering column is adjustable, and electronic controls are at the operator’s fingertips on the integrated arm console. It all adds up to an easy-to-use mower with less noise and vibration, which translates to less operator fatigue.

In addition, a two-post ROPS extension system features a sunshade and steel support structure to enhance operator comfort and protection from the elements. Several accessories such as interior and exterior breakaway mirrors, front and rear LED work lights and a rotating beacon can be added. Other options include a front tempered glass windshield with windshield wipers, an overhead fan and a safety and security cage for golf ball protection and vandal deterrence.

For maximum comfort and sun/weather protection, a factory-installed, climate-controlled cab with multiple operator entry/exit points is also available (Groundsmaster 4010).

Maximum Uptime
Onboard technology further helps to keep the mower up and running, and the operator productive. The SmartCool™ System has an auto-reversing fan that blows chaff off the intake screen to reduce overheating. It’s a big timesaver, because the operator doesn’t have to stop and get off the machine to clean the back hood. Additionally, the onboard InfoCenter™ provides machine information and maintenance reminders, as well as instant problem alerts and diagnostics for faster troubleshooting.

The Groundsmaster 4000 can be used with a variety of attachments such as a snowthrower or rotary broom to extend its usability beyond the regular mowing season.

Take a Closer Look
For more on these and other features of the Groundsmaster 4000, check out the virtual demo. You can also see your local Toro distributor for complete details or visit