Whether you’re cutting parks, sports fields or municipal areas, the goal is always to produce the perfect cut in the shortest time. Efficiency not only saves time and money, but it also helps the environment. That ideal combination of power and performance comes together in Toro® Groundsmaster® 4000 and 4100 rotary mowers with the new Smart Power™ system.


Exclusive Smart Power Technology

Toro’s proven history of innovation continues with the Smart Power system. The result is optimal cutting performance even with a less experienced operator. In heavy conditions, the technology automatically slows down the mower ground speed to give more power to the blades, maintaining the optimum blade speed while preventing the engine from bogging down. You’ll always be confident that the mower is mowing at the fastest possible speed for the job, ensuring a beautiful cut at maximum productivity. See the Groundsmaster Smart Power video for a firsthand look at this innovative feature.

Smart System. Clever Features.

Toro made sure that Smart Power technology lives up to its name with functions like a unique Smart Cool system. Should the rear air intake screen on your Groundsmaster mower clog with clippings and cause excessive engine heat, the Smart Cool system will reverse the fan to clear the rear screen of debris, eliminating overheating and reducing downtime. All you have to do is keep right on mowing.


Tier 4 Final Compliance

The Groundsmaster 4000 and 4100 are part of Toro’s lineup of Tier 4 Final-compliant mowers. You’ll be assured of meeting the Tier 4 Final requirements, and you’ll have the time-saving efficiency of Smart Power technology. It all adds up to maximum performance in all cutting conditions without any compliance worries or concerns.

The Intelligent Choice

Take Toro’s full-time traction assist and full-time four-wheel drive, then add in innovative SmartCool and Smart Power technologies, and the result is exceptional. Groundsmaster 4000 and 4100 mowers are simply the smartest choice you can make. To learn more, call your local Toro distributor or visit toro.com.