Toro’s new diesel Workman® MDX-D utility vehicle is built for heavy-duty jobs with added engine power, torque and traction. Whether you need to haul big loads of gravel or sand — or power through slick, muddy areas — this everyday workhorse is all about getting more done. Here’s how:

Excellent Payload and Towing Capacity

The Workman MDX-D is a true working vehicle with a total payload of 1,650 lbs. It can also tow up to 1,200 lbs. with the optional heavy-duty hitch.

Added Torque and Power From a Diesel Engine

The liquid-cooled twin-cylinder 600cc Kubota diesel engine gives you more than durability. It delivers 20 percent more torque and 30 percent more power than gas-powered Workman models for added capability in severe applications.

4-Wheel-Drive-Like Traction With a Smoother Ride

When you need traction, Toro’s groundbreaking SRQ™ (Superior Ride Quality) system will leave you believing you are driving a 4-wheel-drive system — especially paired with the optional all-terrain tires.  That’s because the Active In-Frame™ twister joint allows the front and rear chassis to move independently of each other, so all four wheels stay on the ground on hilly, slick or uneven terrain.

In addition, the ground-hugging coil-over shock absorber suspension cushions operators over bumps and undulations, no matter what the payload — so they can often move faster from job to job. That means less operator fatigue and greater productivity.

Versatile Year-Round Applications

A variety of attachments and accessories are available to adapt your Workman MDX-D for different jobs and make the most of your investment. Popular options include:

• Deluxe hard cab enclosure — protects operators from the elements with a built-in ROPS (Roll Over Protection System), seatbelt and a sliding or solid window on the driver’s side.

• Snow plow — the optional 72″ blade with five-position manual angle adjust adds functionality during the winter months.

• Electric bed lift — makes it easy to dump heavy loads of material (within rated capacities).

• Canopy top — protects operators from a light rain or hot sunshine.

• Folding windshield — adds convenient protection from wind and debris.

• ROPS bar with seatbelt — provides additional protection in hilly or challenging terrain.

• Heavy-duty front bumper — protects the front body and lower front chassis and adds strength and styling to the machine.

• Brush guard – protects the front body and headlights.

For more information about the new diesel Workman MDX-D, visit or ask your local Toro distributor for details.