Versatility and efficiency were top of mind when the Field Pro 6040 was developed. This innovative design builds upon Toro’s popular GrandStand® platform, as well as five decades of experience with the Sand Pro® infield groomer — resulting in a purpose-built tool to create and maintain impressively consistent, high-quality ball diamonds.

The Field Pro 6040 gets the job done quickly and efficiently. It can break up a compacted playing surface, grade to precision and give the field a finished playable surface — all in one pass. The intuitive controls and outstanding maneuverability allow operators to quickly return heavily used fields to play-ready, regardless of starting conditions.

Field Pro 6040 MultiTool
Field Pro 6040 MultiTool

MultiTool™ for Multiple Jobs
The key to the Field Pro’s success is the mid-mounted MultiTool and its sturdy heavy-gauge steel frame. This provides extremely consistent results without waviness in the playing surface, like a precise road grader for infields. The MultiTool consists of two vital components. First, the Adjustable Carrier on the front of the MultiTool can easily switch between coarse or fine scarifying with included solid and spring tine toolbars, allowing operators to adjust from field to field depending on conditions. The hydraulically controlled depth and angle adjustments provide precise interactions, whether loosening up stubbornly compacted areas or lightly breaking the surface for final grooming.

MultiTool Box Blade
MultiTool Box Blade

Second, the integrated MultiTool Box Blade is nearly 6′ (182 cm) wide for efficient and accurate grading, smoothing out ruts or uneven surfaces caused by extensive play or weather. Made from high-strength steel, the blade is built for years of dependable service. When fitted with the Box Blade Attachment Holder, the MultiTool can incorporate several additional tools: a Field Edger for crisp infield natural turf lines, Box Blade Extensions for expanding grading width to nearly 8’ (284 cm) and a Planer Blade Kit to eliminate pesky weeds at the root.

MultiTool Field Edger
MultiTool Field Edger
Field Pro 6040 Optional Laser Grading Kit
Field Pro 6040 optional Laser Grading Kit

Additionally, when outfitted with the Laser Grading Kit, the MultiTool’s micro-actuated box blade brings a pro-level playing surface to any field. Designed for precisely grading to 1/8″ (3 mm) accuracy, the laser receiver continually actuates the box blade to the desired grade, ensuring an extremely consistent and smooth surface with the proper slope profile for both drainage and play. Combined with a rigid frame and commercial-grade hydraulics, the laser leveling system enables operators with any level of experience to achieve repeatable, all-star grading.

Field Pro 6040 Rear QAS Attachments
Field Pro 6040 optional QAS Rear Attachments

Versatility of Attachments
Most Sand Pro attachments, select Bullseye attachments and many third-party attachments are compatible with the mid-mount and rear-mount Quick Attachment System™ (QAS). QAS allows you to change attachments in seconds, without needing any additional tools. This allows the operator easy access to a full range of solutions to match any current field conditions.

Field Pro 6040 in action

The Journey to Greatness
Whether you’re restoring an overgrown field, prepping for an upcoming tournament or simply cleaning up between games, the Field Pro 6040 can get it done. One machine, with all the tools you need — and with Toro’s trusted service and support, you won’t be doing it alone. Embark on your journey to home field greatness with the help of Toro and the Field Pro 6040. Reach out to your Toro Distributor for more information or visit the Field Pro 6040 website today!