The City of Tucson, Arizona, has awarded Toro with a five-year agreement to supply the City’s sports field, park and golf course grounds maintenance equipment. That’s good news for you, because the same pricing negotiated for this agreement is available to public agencies and non-profits on a national scale.


How It Works

The City of Tucson’s new Toro contract is part of the National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (National IPA) cooperative purchasing program. This program is a collaborative effort of public agencies across the United States with the specific purpose of reducing procurement costs by leveraging group volume. That translates to lower costs as well as time and resource savings for other participating agencies.

In other words, the work is already done. Participating agencies can now benefit from pricing based on aggregate spend and the convenience of a contract that has already been competitively solicited and awarded by a public entity.

Proven Equipment

Toro has a long history of working with communities around the world to ensure their outdoor spaces are well maintained, and Tucson is no exception. The new contract extends Toro’s previous five-year relationship as the supplier of equipment and service for the City of Tucson’s more than 110 public parks and five public golf courses. Toro’s proven record of supplying dependable equipment — along with this competitive agreement — make Toro a smart choice for other public agencies.


For More Information

National IPA is an optional program with no minimum purchase requirements and no fee to participate. Information on the complete portfolio of cooperative purchasing agreements is available at


Check with your local Toro distributor for specific pricing details under this agreement. For more information about Toro equipment or to find a distributor, please visit