Make a Clean Sweep This Fall With Toro’s Rake-O-Vac®

Fall color is a beautiful thing. But the mess it creates isn’t pretty. If you have large areas with a lot of leaves and debris to clean up, a sweeper/vacuum like the Toro® Rake-O-Vac® is a timesaving investment. This machine combines a powerful vacuum with precision pickup capabilities, as well as impressive capacity to get the job done.

More Capacity, Less Dust
Designed to perform in wet or dry conditions, the Rake-O-Vac holds nearly 5 cubic yards (3.63 cubic meters) of debris, including leaves, clippings, aeration cores and litter. That means you can cover a lot of ground before needing to stop and dump the load. The secret is the rugged impeller fan, which pulverizes material to save space and maximize the capacity of the hopper.

In addition, the airflow in the hopper is designed to minimize dust by directing it back to the ground. That adds up to a cleaner sweeping environment that’s less disruptive to others nearby.

Easy to Maneuver
Although the Rake-O-Vac is big on capacity, it’s still compact and easy to maneuver. The narrow footprint allows operators to get through tighter spaces. It’s a proven design that Toro customers have trusted for years.

Exceptional Sweeping Performance
Another key feature of the Rake-O-Vac is the spring-loaded flex tip reel. Six rows of flexible nylon fingers get an extra “kick” from the spring-loaded design, gently lifting wet and dry debris from the turf to be vacuumed into the hopper. This results in extremely clean pickup of everything from wet leaves to those annoying pine needles.

Additional Features
The Rake-O-Vac is equipped with a 23 hp (17.2 kW) Kohler® Command Pro® engine and is suitable for towing behind a heavy-duty Workman® HD utility vehicle. The engine delivers plenty of power to clean debris from the most difficult turf. An optional broom reel is also available for additional sweeping power.

If you’re looking for a reliable solution to save time in your fall cleanup routine, check out the Toro Rake-O-Vac. Contact your local Toro distributor for a demonstration or visit the Debris Management section of for more information.