Acquiring mowers and equipment at the best value for state and municipal properties can often be a struggle. Trying to balance strict procurement procedures with the bid responses of various suppliers can make it difficult to know which company is offering the best value. In addition, productivity can be lost In the lengthy cycle time to procure equipment through a bid process.


More Efficiency Throughout The Process

The timesavings from these contracts can truly simplify not only the selection process but also ongoing budgeting. First, procurement time is shortened.  You will be better able to plan your equipment replacement to help ensure the availability of equipment, reducing the risk of downtime.

In addition, there are cooperative contracts established that can be used in lieu of a state contract. By “piggybacking” contracts, you won’t have to start from scratch in each procurement situation. All agencies will be able to spend their time on the high impact initiatives rather than reviewing the same equipment bids over and over.


Keeping It Simple

Using a state contract with Toro or a Toro distributor allows you to maintain competitive-bidding requirements while removing hard costs from the process. This simplifies procurement, ensures the best value, and speeds up the process. You’ll see the savings right away, and you’ll be better prepared for future fleet additions or replacement without the fluctuations or delays that can occur in the one-off bid process with suppliers.

Toro can help you eliminate the duplicate work and better control costs through precompeted contracts, so you’ll know you’re getting competitive pricing and speed up your time to product acquisition.


Working With You

Using a contract allows you to spell out your requirements and work directly with Toro’s distributors to meet those needs. The direct link saves you time, ensures value and, above all, ensures that your needs are met. Rather than being locked into a “one size fits all” solution that you hope will cover varying needs, you’ll have the flexibility to choose the ideal equipment based on best-value criteria.

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