New National IPA Contract Offers Tremendous Savings

Municipal agencies and other authorized users now have a new way to save time on the procurement process while also saving money on a full range of Toro® and BOSS® products.

The City of Mesa, Arizona, has issued a single award for Parks and Golf Grounds Maintenance Equipment to The Toro Company, and it is in effect until March 31, 2022. This cooperative purchasing agreement (Contract #2017025) is available to public and non-profit agencies nationwide through the National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (National IPA) cooperative. The National IPA works with more than 48,000 entities across the United States and strives to provide economical buying opportunities for their members.

Effective April 1, 2017, the City of Mesa’s national cooperative contract makes it possible for agencies registered with National IPA to purchase Toro Commercial and BOSS products. As the lead agency, the City of Mesa has already completed the vetting process for this publicly solicited/awarded agreement.

What’s Included

The contract offers tremendous savings on a complete breadth of Toro and BOSS equipment, including:

  • Commercial golf and grounds equipment
  • Irrigation solutions (golf and residential/commercial)
  • Construction (Sitework Systems) equipment
  • Landscape contractor equipment
  • BOSS snow and ice management equipment
  • Allied equipment that attaches to Toro products
  • Used and demo equipment

The program also offers a Smart Value Program that provides “free goods” for certain levels of purchases, as well as provisions for financing, leasing and service contracts.

How You Can Use It
The City of Mesa’s agreement is a contract that can be utilized by state/local governments, schools and non-profit organizations. Most states have legislation that will allow public entities to “piggyback” on cooperative agreements like this one. To take advantage of the City of Mesa contract, you must be registered with the National IPA. There is no cost or purchasing commitment required to sign up. Once you are registered with National IPA, you have access to any contract in their portfolio, which features approximately 300 contract offerings. If you need to review the process that the City of Mesa used to issue this contract, you can find all the contract documentation at

For more information on this contract and how it can benefit your equipment acquisition plan, contact your local Toro distributor ( More information about all of the included products can be found at and

We look forward to building our relationship with the City of Mesa and helping public and non-profit agencies across the country access this agreement nationwide through the National IPA.