Your turf equipment fleet is like a sports team. If you keep it in top condition, the more it will deliver for you. Here’s how Toro’s myTurf™ fleet management system can help …

Build a solid roster.

The myTurf™ system lets you track and report on each piece in your fleet, including equipment costs and acquisition dates — as well as key stats including engine power, carb requirements and more. It’s an easy way to manage your “team” of assets.

Keep your team in peak shape.

Just like athletes who train rigorously to perform their best and prevent injuries, well-maintained equipment runs better and is less likely to have issues. The myTurf system helps you keep your equipment in top condition by alerting you when maintenance is due. With myTurf wireless hour meters on your equipment, you don’t even have to gather operating hours — they report automatically.

Look for ways to improve your game.

Even the best teams have losses. That’s when they review their performance and identify ways to improve. Likewise, the myTurf system documents all repairs and builds a database you can refer to in the future, so you can track costs and learn from previous repairs.

Keep your long-term champions.

Longevity counts — both on the sports field and on your grounds. The myTurf system not only ensures your maintenance is done, but also lets you compare units to see which ones perform better and why. Ultimately, turf equipment that is well cared for lasts longer.

Negotiate for star players.

At the end of the day, any team still has to be economically viable. Toro’s myTurf system gives you the cost reporting you need to justify new equipment additions and operating budgets. These professional reports are ideal for budget planning in local, state and federal government.

Use the best equipment.

Any team can apply these preventive maintenance best practices, but not everyone has the time or computer skills for a complex program. That’s why the myTurf system is easy to learn and use, even for first-time computer users. The entire system is online, so there’s no software to load — and all your history is protected, even if your computer crashes.

The bottom line for any team is all about performance. Toro’s myTurf system includes many features that increase your efficiency:

• Save parts orders for easy ordering in the future

• Access all manuals, service bulletins, service schedules, operator training videos, etc., for each equipment item

• Eliminate data entry with myTurf wireless hour meters on your equipment

• Use service schedules that are automatically loaded

• Simplify training through animated, narrated “how to” demonstrations that make training easy

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