When your equipment needs service or maintenance, where do you turn for parts? Your choice may have a bigger impact on your budget than you think. Substituting will-fit parts may save a few bucks up front, but it could ultimately cost you more in downtime and repairs later. That’s a good reason to insist on Toro® Genuine Parts. Here are a few more:

Original Equipment Quality

Toro parts help keep your equipment running like the day you bought it — because they’re exactly the same parts we use to manufacture the original equipment. What’s more, every component is made with reliable, heavy-duty materials to ensure maximum performance with less downtime.

Tested, Proven Performance

All Toro parts have been rigorously tested to make sure they can withstand the daily stress that grounds maintenance demands from them. If a part carries the Toro brand, you can be sure it meets Toro’s high standards for performance.

Protection Against Damage

Using sub-performing parts may result in damage to your equipment, which can end up costing much more to repair. Why take that chance with machines you depend on every day? Genuine Toro parts help protect your Toro fleet and keep it running reliably.

Right Part, Right Specs

If your equipment isn’t working, your grounds crew isn’t either. Genuine Toro parts are made to the exact engineering specifications of your equipment, so you know you’re getting the right part the first time. That means your staff can get back to work faster. And with industry-leading fill rates and delivery within 24 hours on most parts, your local distributor has the parts you need, when you need them.


Keep your Toro equipment performing the way you expect it to — insist on genuine Toro parts.