Collect Clippings Quickly With New Toro ProLine® H800 Direct Collect Rotary Mower

Designed with turf and grounds managers in mind, Toro’s ProLine® H800 direct collect rotary mower efficiently collects clippings into a high-capacity hopper while delivering an ideal cut. The high-volume 214-gallon collection hopper can handle a full day’s cuttings.

Thanks to a powerful 24.7hp (18.4kW) engine backed by a large 10.8-gallon fuel tank, achieving that full day of production is a breeze. Plus, the impressive 50-inch cutting deck lets you cover a lot of territory in a short time.

Ready For Tough Conditions
From all-day operation to the toughest terrain, the ProLine H800 is built to handle it all. The cutting deck features heavy-duty caster forks, a tough welded bullnose bumper and long-lasting skid protection for long-term durability. The 4-wheel-drive transmission features a locking differential and hydrostatic drive for optimum traction regardless of the terrain. Simply put, the ProLine H800 is one of the most rugged and powerful mowers in its class.

It’s also highly maneuverable. Along with the excellent traction, the ProLine H800 is built to move easily in confined areas to avoid branches and other obstacles, plus it offers a short turning radius with a top speed of 9.3mph. With a high ground clearance, it easily handles a wide variety of conditions.

Blending Productivity With Pride
Just as important as providing the productivity you need, the ProLine H800 delivers the look you want. The cutting system produces a high-quality cut pass after pass, and the ProLine Smart AirFlow system helps move clippings into the hopper with efficiency. The result is quick work that leaves behind a showcase lawn.

Dumping clippings is just as efficient. A sensor shuts off the deck when the hopper is full, and the 77-inch dump height lets you discard clippings directly into the bed of a truck. Automatic deck cleaning wipers help prevent clogging, and the tilting deck makes for easy cleanup. 

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The ProLine H800 is sure to be a productive, reliable choice for years to come for cutting and trimming around landscaping in parks, urban areas and more.

For more information on the ProLine H800, please visit our website or contact your local Toro distributor.