Do More: The Workman® HD Series Lives Up to Its Name

Our “Do More” series of articles is all about how you can get more out of the equipment you have, and this month we’re taking a closer look at Workman® HD Series utility vehicles. Already versatile on their own, Workman HD Series utility vehicles can be equipped with a wide range of attachments to meet the needs of any application.

Repeatable Topdressing
Evenly apply materials to the turf from 9 ft (2.74 m) to 35 ft (10.67 m) with the ProPass® 200 topdresser. It’s available in bed-mount and trailer options, each with 21 cu ft (.54 cu m) of material handling capability. The repeatable settings ensure consistent operation and defined edges for the look you want every time. You’ll get the job done quickly and accurately, and the setup is quick, too. Switch from twin spinner to the optional cross conveyor/swivel kit assembly in minutes with no tools.

Drop Sand Where You Want It
Need to put sand on a soccer field without slinging it into the stands? Just want to drop sand on a warning track or infield? Our TD1800 and TD2500 topdressers are designed specifically for areas where you want to drop sand accurately. The 18 cu ft (502 L) TD1800 is a conveyor belt-style topdresser that mounts to the bed of a Workman® utility vehicle for precise applications. It’s driven by remote hydraulics. For more capacity, consider the 25 cu ft (698 L) TD2500 — it’s a self-contained, all-wheel-drive unit that can be towed behind a Workman HD Series utility vehicle.

Don’t Spray the Day Away
Although you could work all day with the Multi Pro® WM Sprayer, you won’t need to because of its high precision and productivity. The 200-gallon (757 L) low-profile tank sprayer with diaphragm pump ensures plenty of supply, and the 3-section 18.5 ft (5.6 m) open boom system ensures plenty of coverage. A rear PTO kit and 4-post ROPS kit are required for use, and, as with all spray systems, a rearview mirror and hand throttle are recommended.

Bye-Bye, Debris
Let your Workman HD Series utility vehicle handle the cleanup, too, with the Pro Force® debris blower. The 24.6 hp Kohler® Command Pro™ engine packs all the power you need, and the turbine-type axial flow fan assembly design delivers the high efficiency needed for effective debris control. The 360-degree nozzle rotates in either direction to give you the perfect setting for any situation, and operation is as easy as using the wireless remote control.

Winter-Worthy Performance
Get year-round value from your Workman HD Series investment with attachments designed to handle rugged winter duties. The BOSS® snow plow is built to the same professional-grade standards as full-size BOSS plows, yet it fits your Workman HD perfectly. It’s built tough to handle any snow removal job. And make surfaces safer for use with the BOSS® V-Box spreader attachment. It’s engineered to spread sand, rock salt and more quickly and evenly, helping to make your winter work feel like a summer breeze.

Just the Beginning
Spreaders. Lift kits. Groomers. Work lights. Canopies. The list of attachments that help you do more with your Workman HD Series utility vehicle goes on and on. Whether you have a specific job to do or simply want to be more comfortable in tough conditions so you can work longer, Toro has the tools and attachments to make it happen.

Learn more about the amazing versatility of Workman HD Series utility vehicles and attachments by visiting our website or your local Toro distributor.