Do More: Transform Your Outcross® 9060 With Attachments

Our “Do More” series of articles is all about how you can get more out of the equipment you have, and this month we’re focusing on the most popular Toro attachments for the Outcross® 9060.

A multipurpose, turf-friendly powerhouse, the Outcross 9060 does all the work of a tractor AND a super-duty utility vehicle without the headaches often associated with operating each in turf maintenance applications. Plus, with a change of attachments, you can use it all year long to get even more out of your investment. Here are a few ways you can do more with your Outcross 9060 using attachments:


Aerate Consistently
Need to aerate large areas? Attach a ProCore® 1298 to your Outcross 9060. This aerator combines proven coring head technology from the ProCore 648 with a 98-inch (2.49 m) aeration swath, making it one of the most productive and durable large-area aerators available today. Its precision-balanced coring heads run smoothly, even in the raised position with the PTO engaged — a real timesaver when it comes to turnarounds and avoiding ground obstacles. It also features an impact resistance system that’s built to withstand the most rugged conditions.

Another key feature is the RotaLink™ tine guide mechanism, which helps ensure tines remain vertical as they enter and exit the ground. This produces consistent, clean holes for better-looking turf and improved topdressing fill.

Spread Material and Topdressing
Whether you’re spreading material or topdressing, the large-capacity MH-400 material handler gives your Outcross 9060 the versatility to tackle a variety of jobs. Use the cross conveyor for completing renovations, applying mulch, backfilling drainage ditches and more. Or, install the twin spinner accessory and the MH-400 becomes a large-area topdresser that can transport and accurately spread materials ranging from crumb rubber or fertilizer to a sand/peat topdressing mix.

You can also tow implements like a wood chipper in tandem with the MH-400 using the rear hitch receiver. The MH-400 has 4 cubic yards (3.06 cu m) of hopper capacity and an application width of up to 40 feet (12.2 m).

Mow Large Areas
Yes, your Outcross 9060 can double as a mower. Just add the Groundsmaster 1200! Dubbed “the only pull-behind worthy of being a Groundmaster,” this attachment offers the same productivity, durability and superior cut as the other large-area rotary mowers in the line, as well as Toro’s legendary spindles that can withstand the most challenging conditions.

The Groundsmaster 1200 has three independent, fully articulating decks, adding up to a 12-foot (3.7 m) width of cut. It can also mow up to 8.73 acres/h (3.53 hectares/h) at 6 mph (9.7 km/h). The wing decks hug undulations in the terrain for outstanding quality of cut, and fold up for easy transport. Plus, the height of cut is infinitely variable from 0.5 inches to 4 inches (1.3 cm to 10.2 cm).

Clear Snow Quickly
BOSS® snow plows are built to professional-grade standards, making them tough enough to handle any snow removal job. Choose an 8- or 10-foot BOSS box plow with a steel trip edge or a rubber trip edge for sensitive surfaces. They feature articulating, heavy-duty wing shoes that help keep the plow level and in contact with the pavement. Plus, the high-efficiency moldboard is designed to create a tight curl that “rolls” the snow and reduces resistance.

Get the Functionality of a Loader
Quickly attach the loader arms to your Outcross 9060 and you can add a wide range of accessories using the universal skid steer mounting plate. Attach a bucket to load some sand. Switch to forks to unload a pallet of sod. Then, remove the loader arms in just a few minutes to move on to another task.

Save Your Settings
Another advantage of the Outcross 9060 is the ability to set up and save the parameters for up to 16 attachments — so they’re easy to use and perform consistently, no matter what the skill level of the operator. You only need to do this one time, up front for each attachment. It’s an easy way to ensure the attachment will perform exactly to your specifications, whether you use it next week, next month or even years later.

For more inspiration about all the ways you could use an Outcross 9060 in your operation, contact your local Toro distributor or visit