The first snowstorm of the season will be here soon. As you get your fleet ready, keep in mind that some of your most useful winter equipment could be the utility vehicles you’ve been using all summer long.

Toro’s heavy-duty Workman® HDX Auto utility vehicles are extremely versatile in warmer weather for transporting people, tools and materials. But when the snow begins to fly, they don’t need to take the winter off. With a simple change to winter accessories, they can do double duty — clearing snow and spreading salt, sand or deicer in harsh winter conditions.


Available Winter Accessories
You can choose from a variety of snow attachments and snow tires to convert your Workman HDX Auto for winter use to treat and/or remove ice and snow. Options include:

  • Deluxe hard cab and optional door kit
  • Side mirror and rear view mirror kits for cab
  • ATV/snow tires
  • Light kits (beacon, work light, turn signal)
  • 4-wheel drive
  • Heater kit
  • BOSS® snow blade
  • BOSS spreader


Operator-Friendly Features
The automatic transmission on the Workman HDX Auto is another big advantage at any time of year. There’s no manual clutch or shifting — and no sacrifice in power. It’s easy for less experienced operators to jump in and start being productive; the engine does the work, so they can focus on the job they need to do.

Bottom line, adding winter accessories to your Workman HDX Auto helps you get a better return on investment. Year-round usability means it won’t sit idle in storage — and you may even save on equipment, since you’ll be able to do more with one machine.

For more information about the Workman HDX Auto and available accessories, ask your Toro distributor, get model information on or visit the microsite at