Summer is here. Sports teams and trail users are active. Chances are your synthetic turf is getting quite a workout, too. Use these attachments with a Toro Sand Pro® 3040 or 5040 utility vehicle to keep synthetic turf, infields and trails in top condition this season.


Synthetic Turf Brush #08794

This attachment grooms and levels synthetic turf fields, improving performance and playability. It’s a great game-day attachment to stand the turf up and improve the aesthetic value of your field. A spring tine kit can be added to provide additional profile agitation, and an optional magnet kit will collect ferrous debris from your field.  This brush also excels in top-dressing both synthetic and natural turf.

Synthetic Turf Conditioner #08790

The stainless spring steel brushes on the Synthetic Turf Conditioner loosen and redistribute infill from compacted synthetic turf to ensure safe playing conditions. This attachment easily offers double the versatility, since it’s also perfect for grooming skinned infields, beaches and aggregate trails.


One Vehicle, Many Uses

The Toro Sand Pro is a versatile utility vehicle with many uses on sports fields and grounds. Simply change the attachment to change the job — the Quick Attach System™ lets you make the switch in under a minute, no tools required.

Sand Pro attachments are available for everything from weeding and edging to raking and grading. Drag mats and a debris blower are also available. To learn more, call your local Toro distributor or visit