Quick-Change Artist: 3 Ways the Sand Pro® 5040 Saves Time

In our last article about the Toro® Sand Pro® infield groomer, we focused on the variety of attachments available to help you get the infield finish you want. However, when it comes to versatility, attachments are only part of the story.

When you’re getting a field ready for play, time saved is time gained. Having the right attachments when you need them — and being able to change them out quickly and easily — is essential. Here are three key ways the Sand Pro 5040 gives you a timesaving advantage:

  1. Anyone can switch from one attachment to another in under a minute, with no tools required using Toro’s patented Quick Attach System™ (QAS). Rear QAS is standard and front QAS is optional on the Sand Pro 5040. Together with the mid-mount system, this lets you choose from multiple sports field attachments to get your field back in playing condition and maximize productivity.
  2. You can maximize the Sand Pro 5040’s versatility and efficiency with up to three available attachment points (front, mid and rear). Attach the accessories you want to make sure you have the right tool on board at the right time. You can also use a combination of attachments together to achieve the results you want.
  3. Quick-connect hydraulics make it easy to connect and disconnect any powered attachments without tools. Powered attachments expand your Sand Pro 5040’s capabilities, eliminating the need for dedicated machines. Plus, when you install the High Flow Hydraulic Switch Kit, you can toggle between your front and rear hydraulic-powered attachments without exchanging hoses, minimizing downtime.

With the speed and ease of connecting attachments in mind, we have a few recommendations for must-have accessories as peak playing season gets underway. The first one is our new mid-mount Profile Blade attachment, which is made of thicker, stronger material that makes it easier to break up tough, compacted infield surfaces.

Our second recommendation is the hydraulic-powered Sports Field Edger. This attachment removes overgrown turf and infield lip buildup, and is designed to eliminate much of the hand work in edging baselines, warning tracks and infield/outfield boundaries on ball fields. Pair it with the hydraulic-powered Lip Broom to sweep edged material aside for efficient cleanup.

For more information about the Sand Pro 5040, visit toro.com/sandpro and user our Sand Pro Configurator to create your own custom configuration with attachments.