Do More: How Sand Pro® Attachments Help You Get the Infield Finish You Want

How do you do more (with less)? As part of our Do More series, we’re taking a look at how to increase productivity and quality through superior equipment solutions — and the Sand Pro® attachments do just that.

The Sand Pro 5040 is the ultimate ballfield grooming Swiss Army knife. For example: Use the Sports Field Edger and Lip Broom attachments to keep your skinned areas safe, playable and crisp. Loosen compacted infields with the Profile Blade or Carbide Tine Toolbar. Level and scarify infield surfaces with the Steel Drag Mat. And we’re just getting started.

The Quick Attachment System™
The patented Quick Attachment System™ (QAS) allows you to change most attachments in less than a minute. It opens the door to a wide range of options so you can create the finish you want with a single machine.

Remote Hydraulics Switch
Quickly toggle between using a rear, hydraulically-driven attachment and using a front, hydraulically-driven attachment with the Sand Pro 5040’s Remote Hydraulics Switch. There’s no need for exchanging hoses; minimizing downtime.

The Attachments
The Sand Pro 5040 has three attachment locations, front, mid and rear, that allow for optimum positioning when it comes to the tasks you are tackling. In addition, some attachments work in conjunction and are mounted to one another so you can do more in a single pass.  Below are some of the best attachments to keep your grounds in tip-top shape.

Front attachments

  • Hydraulic Flex Blade: This hydraulically-controlled, steerable front blade is designed for leveling, packing and smoothing uneven areas in one pass.
  • Manual Blade: The manually controlled front blade is used for leveling uneven areas.
  • Rahn Lip Groomer: A great attachment to clean up edges of infields and/or outfield warning tracks.

Mid attachments

  • Solid Tine Toolbar: This attachment is good for general scarifying infield needs.
  • Carbide Tine Toolbar: The carbide-reinforced tines give this attachment longer life, especially if you encounter harsh conditions.
  • Weeder Tine Toolbar: Remove weeds from and loosen up compacted infield surfaces.
  • Spring Tine Toolbar: This toolbar is best for light to moderate infield scarification.
  • NEW Profile Blade: Thicker, stronger material making it easier to break up the tough and compacted infield material
  • Sports Field Edger: Easily maintain the grass edge of the outfield near infield skin. For easy cleanup, make a pass with the Lip Groomer after.

Rear attachments

  • Steel Drag Mat: For that game-ready finish, use the Drag Mat with the Drag Mat Carrier System to quickly groom and finish.
  • Nail Drag: This attachment scarifies to a depth beyond 1.5″, loosens and weeds infield surfaces. The Nail Drag pivots to follow the contours of uneven field surfaces. Additionally, nails are easy to replace.
  • QAS Flex Groomer: Installed on the Nail Drag, easily scarify and smooth infields in a single pass.
  • AutoMat Drag Mat: This steel drag mat automatically raises and lowers via the rear QAS and installs on the Nail Drag. For single-pass grooming that breaks up clumps formed when scarifying a wet infield, use it in tandem with the QAS Flex Groomer.
  • Manual Drag Mat: You’ll have plenty of grooming flexibility with this steel drag mat that mounts to Nail Drag.
  • QAS Finish Grader: Level infield surfaces, collect debris, and/or scarify the infield to a depth beyond 1.5” with this attachment.
  • QAS spiker: Improve the airflow in fine turf.
  • QAS Debris Blower: Quickly clear debris.

Optimize for Your Needs
Create your ideal combination of these and other Sand Pro attachments with the Sand Pro Configurator. You’ll be able to select your own configuration of attachments and send an email to other staff members so they can see your custom configuration.

For more information about the Sand Pro and available attachments, visit or see the Sand Pro Series in the Sports Fields and Grounds section of our website.