Get the Infield Finish You Want with Sand Pro® Attachments

Looking for a way to dry out your infield in one pass? Need to clean up transition areas where unwanted grass is growing or the infield is migrating out? Toro has the perfect Sand Pro® attachments for the job.

The patented Quick Attach System™ (QAS) lets you change most attachments in under a minute and works with a wide range of options to create the finish you want. Here are a few examples of the possibilities:

  1. AutoMat Drag Mat + QAS Flex Groomer
    These two attachments complement your nail drag, working in tandem for single-pass grooming.

The steel AutoMat Drag Mat (available on the Sand Pro 3040 and 5040) installs on the nail drag and automatically raises and lowers using the rear QAS. That means you can engage or disengage it as needed — a feature most other brands don’t offer. The QAS Flex Groomer also installs on the nail drag, scarifying and smoothing infields in a single pass.

What’s the benefit? Scarifying a wet infield tends to leave behind clumps of material. The QAS Flex Groomer breaks up those clumps and the AutoMat Drag Mat smooths the surface in the same pass, leaving a consistent finish in one step. There’s no need to scarify, change attachments and go back over the same area again.

In addition, having all three attachments at the ready allows you to choose what you need without adding or removing attachments. You can scarify and use the AutoMat Drag Mat, scarify and use the Flex Groomer, or use all three, depending on the conditions your infield needs.

  1. Sports Field Edger + Lip Broom
    Grass often grows into the infield, along the warning track and in other areas where it isn’t wanted. Removing it by hand is time-consuming. Also, infield mix tends to move outward, building up in the transition and creating a lip that can lead to unsafe playing conditions. Toro’s edger and lip broom combination makes it easy to correct either of those issues. The edger cuts debris and unwanted grass out, and the lip broom sweeps it away to create the ideal transition between your infield and outfield.

For routine maintenance, using the lip broom is enough to push the infield grass back to where it should be. But for tougher conditions, you can also add a QAS Finish Grader to drag along the line you have cut and swept, collecting debris into a single pile for easier cleanup.

Configure Your Own Combination
You can create your ideal combination of these and other Sand Pro attachments with our brand-new Sand Pro Configurator. This online tool allows you to click attachments to create your own configuration and send an email to other members of your staff with a link to the tool so they can see your custom configuration.

For more information about the Sand Pro and available attachments, visit or see the Sand Pro Series in the Sports Fields and Grounds section of our website.