New attachments for Toro’s Sand Pro lineup improve field safety and playability, all while reducing maintenance costs. Whether you have year-round fields or are keeping yours in shape for next spring, Sand Pro utility vehicles and attachments will keep your field in outstanding shape.

Versatile Field Management
Maintaining your infield for fair and safe play is a responsibility that never ends. To deal with everything from changing weather conditions to a variety of infield mixes to usage of the field, the Sand Pro is your perfect teammate. The vehicle and attachments let you rake, level or scarify the infield and groom wet or dry infield mixes. You can blow debris, edge, and improve the transitions from skin to turf. All with one machine.

Quick Attach System™
No tools needed! With the Quick Attach System™ (QAS), you’ll switch from one attachment to another in less than a minute. You’ll get more done in less time, and the variety of attachments lets you meet the needs of your field without buying more machinery. Rear QAS comes standard on the Sand Pro® 3040 and 5040, and front QAS is optional on the 5040.

Cover All the Bases
With a wide variety of attachments, you’ll be ready for every situation. Loosen or level soil with the midmount scarifier or the rear finish grader. Quickly groom and finish wet or dry fields with the rear steel drag mat. Use the grooming brush to groom and redistribute infill material on synthetic fields for a more even playing field. The list goes on and on — Sand Pro attachments offer everything you need to achieve the exact look and playing conditions you desire.

Latest Attachments
Now the attachments list offers even more precision and even more time savings. The new Lip Broom removes ridge buildup and sweeps the material back into the infield. Not only will you improve the safety and playability of the field, but you’ll also cut maintenance costs by eliminating manual maintenance of the infield lip.

Another useful tool for ensuring safe, playable transition interfaces is the Sports Field Edger attachment. It removes overgrown turf and infield lip buildup, eliminating much of the handwork needed to edge base lines, warning tracks and field boundaries.

Built With Toro Reliability
All Sand Pro models are constructed for the long-term performance you expect from Toro equipment. Just a few of the many features include:

•  Powerful Vanguard® Engine — fuel efficient with a fully pressurized oil lubrication system for longer life.

•  3WD Series/Parallel™ Traction Drive — increased traction in wet or heavy working conditions.

•  Ease of use — easy to understand controls and maneuverable steering increase comfort and operating efficiency.

•  Maintenance-friendly layout — majority of scheduled maintenance projects can be accessed by lifting the operator seat, increasing access and saving time.

For more information about Sand Pro utility vehicles and attachments, visit or ask your local Toro distributor for details.