Toro is offering several new Reelmaster® and Groundsmaster® models in 2013 that comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 Final emission requirements for off-highway diesel engines between 25 and 74 horsepower.  The regulation, which went into effect January 1st, 2013, establishes precise limits on the amount of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide that can be released from an engine into the environment.


New Tier 4 Mower Features

Toro’s Tier 4 Final Reelmaster® and Groundsmaster® models for 2013 will incorporate new Yanmar® diesel engines that combine more sophisticated electronic controls, advanced exhaust systems, and after-treatment technology to meet the requirements.


Why Yanmar Diesel Engines: 4 Reasons

The low total cost of ownership of Yanmar’s diesel engines — along with innovative technology and reduced environmental impact — were deciding factors in Toro’s decision to partner with Yanmar. More broadly, Toro continues to partner with companies that have consistent approaches to delivering customer value in the form of high quality products, efficient use of resources, and stellar reputations in the industry for standing behind their respective products.

Here’s a quick look at why Toro ultimately chose Yanmar as the best option for these products for its customers.

1. Quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

During the selection process, Toro considered nearly every manufacturer of diesel engines in the 25-75 hp range. Yanmar, consistent with its strong market reputation, offered the best combination of product range, reliability, quality, and cost-effectiveness as a partner.  Additionally, Yanmar exhibited a high level of engineering capability and manufacturing technology that provided confidence in their ability to deliver a high quality product on time.

2. Fuel efficiency.

The Yanmar engines used by Toro in the 25 to 74 hp range are direct injection diesel engines. Direct injection technology has traditionally delivered better fuel efficiency than alternative technologies. While field test data is limited, Toro is confident that their new Tier 4 final mowing solutions will deliver improved fuel efficiency for Turf applications.

3. Modern design.

Yanmar TNV Series engines have a modern, state-of-the-art design with a more robust bottom end (crankshaft, connecting rods and bearings) for the long life and high reliability that Toro customers have come to expect.

4. Manufacturing advantages.

Beyond the engine technology, Yanmar offered several key manufacturing efficiencies to help ensure the most reliable, cost-effective product for our customers. From their electrical control system/architecture and exhaust after-treatment mounting options, to their ability to deliver prototypes for testing, they offered the best package to complete the Tier 4 program on schedule.


Cleaner Air & Intelligent Engine Technology Is the Bottom Line

Toro’s new Tier 4 Reelmaster® and Groundsmaster® models will continue to provide the exceptional maneuverability and handling, superior after-cut appearance, and trouble-free performance and reliability that Toro’s customers have come to expect — all while fulfilling Tier 4 requirements and helping to improve the environmental impact wherever Toro products are sold.

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