Toro’s new Workman HDX Auto looks and performs just like the rest of the Workman utility vehicle line, with one key difference: an automatic transmission. There’s no manual clutch and no shifting — which means new possibilities for your fleet and your workforce. Here are five reasons why it’s a smart choice:

1. It expands the number of people who can drive the machine. Younger generations entering the workforce are less likely to know how to drive a manual transmission. With the Workman HDX Auto, they don’t have to. Even new, less experienced operators can fully perform more functions of the job.

2. It saves training time. The days of training new operators on how to drive a manual transmission are gone. Once they’re familiar with the Workman HDX Auto’s functions, they’re basically ready to go. It’s perfect for student, work-study or part-time employees.


3. You get added versatility to use a bed-mounted sprayer or top dresser when you need it. Toro’s proprietary Speed Contr’l™ ensures precise ground speed to engine speed for accurate application rates. Simply select the correct position on the Speed Contr’l and you’re set. You can put your foot to the floor and maintain consistent speed, even on hills.

4. The power, size, payload and towing capacity are the same as other heavy-duty Workman models. From hauling sod, sand and rock to transporting pallets of fertilizer and grass seed, your staff can do everything they currently do with other Workman models — no limitations and no learning curve to switch between machines. Plus, you don’t have to pay a premium to get the automatic transmission feature.


5. It’s gentle on turf. The automatic transmission helps minimize turf damage that can occur when stopping and starting a fully loaded vehicle on a side hill, since there’s no clutch pedal to engage. It also delivers peak power at any speed, so you can climb the most difficult terrain with a load of sand and not even know the bed is full.

The Workman HDX Auto is powered by a 28 hp Kohler® LH775 twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine. It offers travel speeds of 11 mph in low range and 20 mph in high range. The Workman HDX Auto also has an impressive total payload capacity of 3,295 lbs and a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. True on-demand four-wheel-drive and a wide variety of accessories are available to accommodate a wide range of needs. See your local Toro distributor for more information or visit View the Toro Workman HDX Auto in action here.