Do More: Extend Equipment Life and Reduce Maintenance Costs with myTurf® Pro

Our “Do More” series of articles focuses on ways to get more out of your existing equipment, and Toro’s myTurf® Pro software application is a perfect example. This powerful, easy-to-use software application tracks and manages all of your assets, from equipment to irrigation products and more, regardless of brand. It also puts real-time data and insights at your fingertips so you can be proactive with maintenance, which can help lengthen the life of your equipment and improve operational efficiency.

Improve Efficiency
From weather and budget challenges to managing equipment and staff, saying you have a lot to keep track of would be an understatement. On top of that, every hour that your equipment is not operating at its best costs you time and money. It’s not just a matter of maintenance, either — there’s also the question of when to invest in new equipment rather than fixing an older machine. Toro’s myTurf Pro web-based asset management system makes all of that easier.

With myTurf Pro, your equipment can track its usage for you and tell you when it’s time for maintenance, including the exact parts needed with a direct link to order them online. This tool also allows you to manage maintenance assignments and track completion, helping your team be more efficient.

A wealth of reference material is available in the application, too. For example, Marc Corcoran, grounds mechanic for the Philadelphia Eagles, likes the way myTurf Pro helps him find service information. “A lot of times, I used to have to call the distributor for service bulletins,” he explains. “Now they’ve put a lot of the service bulletins right with the machines. The owners’ manuals, operators’ manuals and parts manuals are all on one page. It’s nice how everything is linked together.”

Key Features

  • “At a glance” dashboard. Seamlessly track and oversee asset inventory for one or more locations, including equipment, irrigation, attachments, vehicles, hand tools and more. NEW capabilities include fuel tracking and the ability to manage maintenance down to individual cutting units.
  • Proactive maintenance alerts. Receive automated notifications based on customizable maintenance schedules and data from Internet-connected Toro wireless hour meters that track equipment operating hours.
  • Maintenance scheduling. Manage technician labor assignments, track completed tasks, and request/track service from your Toro distributor for advanced maintenance or repairs.
  • 24/7 online parts ordering. Order Toro® equipment and irrigation parts, lubricants and chemicals with quantity recommendations based on current inventory and maintenance needs.
  • Service documentation. For Toro products, myTurf Pro provides model/serial number-specific interactive master parts viewers, access to operator and service manuals, service bulletins, and the ability to submit service requests to a Toro distributor.
  • Robust reporting. Track total cost of ownership and operation on Assets (depreciation, maintenance and operating expenses), access detailed asset history of preventive maintenance and repairs, and run reports that help optimize your parts inventory.
  • Toro NSN® technical support. With over 4,700 customers globally, Toro NSN provides unmatched customer support by phone, e-mail, or chat for Toro Lynx® and Sentinel® irrigation control systems, the Toro GeoLink® precision spray system, and the myTurf Pro asset management system.

Connect. Manage. Maintain. Simplify.
Based on more than 10 years of experience, the latest release of myTurf Pro takes asset management to the next level. It’s the only tool of its kind, designed to streamline the process of maintaining your assets. Subscribe now and you could try it FREE for the first 90 days. To learn more, visit our website at