Plan for Unexpected Repairs With Toro Protection Plus™

As equipment becomes more sophisticated, the cost of repairs continues to increase. An extended protection plan can help you protect your maintenance budget from taking a hit when unforeseen repairs are needed.

The Toro Protection Plus™ (TPP) Extended Protection Plan gives you seamless coverage, taking over immediately after the standard warranty expires. With the TPP, there are no surprises and no deductibles when equipment breaks down. It’s one of the best extended protection plans in the industry, and it’s a great strategy when you need to be able to plan on a consistent maintenance budget.

TPP coverage is available for new equipment, pre-owned equipment, and most Toro attachments and accessories. Just choose the plan that fits your needs.

New Equipment Plans
Toro® equipment still within the standard warranty is eligible for TPP, and coverage can be purchased at any time during that warranty period. For new equipment, the TPP is:

  • Affordable: Qualifying parts and labor are 100 percent covered with zero deductible, and it’s easy to bundle the plan with equipment to be financed or leased. Transportation benefits also save money.
  • Flexible: Choose from two plan types (Comprehensive & Drivetrain Only) with eight options for coverage up to a total of 5 years or 5,000 hours.
  • Transferable: If you sell your equipment, coverage may be transferred to the new owner or cancelled with pro-rated reimbursement.
  • Reliable: Plans are honored at any authorized Toro Service Distributor, and repairs are made by qualified Toro technicians using Toro Genuine Parts.

Pre-Owned Equipment Plans
TPP helps take the worry out of buying pre-owned equipment. It provides protection for unexpected repairs on equipment you own that is beyond the original warranty or extended protection.

To qualify for a TPP PreOwned plan, each unit must pass a lubricant analysis test. If the unit passes, the TPP PreOwned plan extends coverage to protect you from future unexpected expenses.

Like the plans for new equipment, the TPP PreOwned plan pays 100 percent for covered expenses with no deductible. The plan is honored at any authorized Toro service distributor in the U.S., and repairs are made by qualified Toro technicians using Toro Genuine Parts. This plan also:

  • Protects against mechanical breakdowns (the only drivetrain repairs not covered by the plan are normal maintenance parts and labor, misuse or abuse – see contract for details)
  • Provides a transportation benefit of up to $50 on covered repairs for pickup/delivery of your product by an authorized Toro service distributor

Make Your Budget More Predictable
Consider this: replacement costs can run from $1,135 for a triple gear hydraulic pump to $10,250 for a Tier IV diesel engine.* Even small repairs can add up quickly. With the TPP, you can plan on a predictable budget for maintenance; there’s no need to reallocate funds to cover unexpected repairs.

No matter what plan you choose, Toro’s extended coverage helps you save money without compromising on the quality of your equipment. You can continue using your equipment day in and day out with confidence, even after the standard warranty has expired. Paying for the TPP also lets you lock in current prices for future repair costs. And it’s a formal contract, fully underwritten by Toro, for added peace of mind.

See what other Toro customers have to say about the Toro Protection Plus Extended Protection Plan. Watch the video here and visit or see your local Toro distributor for more information.