See this alert? Don’t ignore it.

When your mower alerts you that service is needed, it’s easy to put off. But there’s one alert you should always pay immediate attention to. If you operate or service a Tier 4-compliant Toro® mower and you see the parked regeneration request come up on your InfoCenter™ screen, do it right away. Otherwise, you risk serious downtime.

What is parked regeneration?
Parked regeneration – also called stationary regeneration – is a simple, but really important, procedure that’s easy to do and vital to the health of your Toro machine. Essentially, it’s the process of burning off built-up particulate matter to keep your machine “breathing” cleanly.

One of the benefits of Tier 4 engines is that they reduce the amount of emissions going into the air. They do this by capturing particulate matter in a special diesel particulate filter (DPF). When a mower is running at standard RPMs and loads, the temperature in the engine is high enough to reduce particulate matter to ash when it passes through the DPF. It’s the same principle as a self-cleaning oven cycle, using high temperatures to eliminate debris.

However, when the engine is cold or the load is low – like when it’s idling for a long period of time – there’s not enough heat to burn off the particulate matter and it begins to collect in the DPF. Typically, the next time you run the machine at a higher speed, it will generate enough heat to burn off the collected material. But when a critical amount of material has collected, your machine will let you know that it needs to run a parked regeneration to burn it off.


What You Need to Do
When you see the parked regeneration icon on your InfoCenter™ screen, don’t ignore it. Drive to a paved, level surface, park your mower and follow the instructions on these step-by-step guides from Toro for a 3-Button InfoCenter or a 5-Button InfoCenter. The process takes up to 30 minutes and is simple to perform by navigating through the menus on your InfoCenter. Keep in mind that you will need the PIN code from your company to access the protected menus on your machine.

Why It’s Important
When the DPF becomes restricted, it must be addressed immediately, or your mower will begin to run rough and may stop running altogether. In fact, as soon as the alert pops up, the engine’s computer begins derating engine power. If you ignore the parked regeneration alert and continue mowing, a critical amount of particulate matter could build up in the filter – resulting in serious downtime and a service call to a technician.

Where to Learn More
Watch the video here for a basic overview of parked regeneration, and check out the brochure and additional resources at Your Toro distributor is also an excellent resource if you have questions.

Although Tier 4 engines are often perceived as being more complex and difficult to service than older engines, that’s not always true. Some key maintenance basics like parked regeneration are simple to perform and can help you avoid problems down the road. Watch for the alert, complete the parked regeneration process when needed, and you’ll help ensure the best performance from your Toro mower.