Service Question? Start With These FREE Online Resources

When you have questions about servicing your Toro® equipment, here’s a tip to try first: check Toro’s online technical support library. A wide range of technical resources is available to you at no cost, and they’re just a click away. Here are a few of the most commonly used documents and where to find them:

Service manuals cover detailed procedures for troubleshooting, testing and repair of major systems and components on a particular machine.

To find service manuals, the best place to start is the Service Manuals page within the Education and Technical Reference area of our Customer Support section. You can also go to the Customer Support page and enter your model number in the Parts & Manuals search box. On the individual model page, click the Manuals & Warranty section and download the manual or catalog you need.


  • Operator’s manuals outline how to operate and service the machine and are shipped with every Toro product.
  • Parts catalogs provide a current, illustrated guide to replacement parts for your machine — an important reference for the most up-to-date part numbers, especially for items that have been superseded since your last paper manual was printed.


Many new manuals are now available, and we have improved our manuals to present information more effectively. The digital versions of our operator’s manuals feature quick navigation — just click on the tab you need to expand for details. They also include step-by-step instructions and illustrations for added clarity, as well as animated videos for some procedures. Here’s an example of an interactive manual (go to the Maintenance tab and click Changing the Engine Oil for a sample video).

To find operator’s manuals and parts catalogs: Go to the Customer Support section of the Toro website and enter your model number in the Parts & Manuals search box at the top of the page. On the individual model page, click the Manuals & Warranty section and download the manual or catalog you need.

Service bulletins outline new and updated maintenance procedures, improved parts or special kits and more. They can help keep you informed about improvements and special situations to watch for so you can avoid unplanned downtime and improve the overall functionality of your equipment.

To find service bulletins: Go to the Customer Support section of the Toro website, click the Education and Technical Reference link near the bottom of the page, and click the Customer Service Bulletins link. You will need to enter the model number and serial number of your machine to look up and download available bulletins.

The Education and Technical Reference section of our website is also a great resource for Service Training Guides, service tips and other educational resources.

Toro recently released a revised version of the popular Quick Service Reference (Toro Part Number 02107SL). This book provides easy access to the most commonly needed information, organized by Toro model. A set of commercial service manuals and parts catalogs, including the current production year, can also be purchased on a USB flash drive under P/N 137-5215.


Visit Toro’s YouTube Channel and see the Maintenance and How-To section for several general service videos.

Using these online resources is an easy way to get answers and could even save you the time and costs associated with service calls. But if you do have additional questions or a complex issue, please contact your local Toro distributor anytime you need assistance. Toro distributor technicians are highly trained in the latest service procedures and are familiar with the full Toro product line. They’re also committed to making sure you get the most out of your Toro investment for the long term.