At Toro, listening to customers and developing features that solve their challenges is a big part of what we do. Historically, the features we develop have led to patents and innovations that push our products to the next level. The Innovation Spotlight series will take a look back in time to highlight some of the groundbreaking innovations that have helped lay the foundation for our current line of products and make our customers’ jobs easier every day.

In this first article, we’ll take a closer look at the Toro Superior Ride Quality™ (SRQ) system — a groundbreaking feature on the Workman® MDX Series of utility vehicles back in 2007.

The Inspiration
Like most Toro innovations, the inspiration for the SRQ system began with listening to customers. Based on voice of customer research, it quickly became clear that there was a need for a more comfortable utility vehicle in the market.

Utility vehicles need to haul a lot of different materials a lot of different places, many of which are not smooth or flat. That can make for a pretty rough ride. Toro’s solution was to develop the SRQ system, a suspension system made up of two technologies that add up to a much smoother ride.

How SRQ Works
SRQ starts with calibrated coil-over shock absorbers that cushion bumps in the terrain, regardless of the vehicle payload. The shock absorbers are paired with a modified MacPherson strut front suspension and swing-arm rear suspension.

This suspension system works together with a patented Active In-Frame™ twister joint in the center of the frame. In this design, a unique rubber joint attaches the front operator platform to the rear section containing the engine and cargo bed, allowing 15 degrees of flex in both directions. This allows the vehicle to travel over uneven terrain and still keep all four wheels on the ground, providing better traction with less damage to the turf.

The result is a smooth ride that operators will notice immediately, reducing fatigue and increasing operator comfort and safety.

The Benefits
Workman utility vehicles are used for a wide range of jobs, and grounds crews need to be more productive than ever before. Operator comfort has a big impact on productivity and efficiency throughout the day, and the SRQ system is built to deliver unmatched ride comfort. Bottom line: It’s based on the belief that the hard work shouldn’t begin until operators get to the job site.

The introduction of the SRQ system back in 2007 was an important innovation for the Workman line of vehicles. And the newest addition to the Workman line, the GTX Series, features ride quality characteristics and suspension components inspired by the same technology. We never stop looking to our customers for input so we can develop new ways to help them do their jobs more effectively, efficiently and productively. Their insights push us to continue working on innovations to make their lives easier every day.

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