Secure Your Payload With the Workman® GTX Van Box

When you’re working public grounds, tool security is a top priority. And with the new van box attachment for our Workman® GTX grounds and turf crossover vehicle, you can ensure your payload is locked up tight while you’re making the rounds.

Compact Security and Safety

In public spaces, tools have a tendency to up and walk away if they’re not properly secured. But thanks to the van box’s lockable rear doors, you can keep equipment and other valuables locked up tight while you’re away from your Workman GTX — giving you the peace of mind to focus on the task at hand.

When outfitted with the van box attachment, the Workman GTX will also be installed with a reverse alarm. This will help passersby know to safely steer clear when you’re backing up.

Fully Insulated

Made up of a lightweight, double-walled composite material, this van box acts as a large insulator, similar to a cooler. This allows you to protect tools and other items from the heat as well as keep food and beverages cool.

Compatible and Configurable

Equipped with internal tracking, you can easily add and configure shelves within the van box for more storage options. The van box is also compatible with the GTX canopy attachment and more accessories will be coming soon.

Exclusive to the Workman GTX

The van box attachment is available for our Workman GTX vehicle. Designed based on input from thousands of turf and maintenance professionals, the Workman GTX provides an unequaled combination of comfort, utility and control.

The improved power-to-weight ratio boosts payload capacity and productivity — providing you a smarter, more efficient way to get the job done. Front and rear integrated receivers make securely attaching hose reels, walk spreaders, trash cans or a van box simple, while full access to the engine compartment makes service a breeze.

Storage is also abundant, and a standard USB port makes a dead battery on the job a thing of the past. Plus, the compact size of the Workman GTX gives you easier access to job sites. For complete details on these and other features of the Workman GTX van box, visit or see your local Toro distributor