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New Workman® GTX Lithium-Ion Lifted Raises the Bar
Get the lowdown on the latest GTX model with higher ground clearance, plus a new steel bed accessory with the most cubic feet of space in its class.
The Toro Workman® Series Is More Versatile Than Ever
The hardest working vehicles on the course now do even more. Toro’s Workman® Utility Vehicles lineup offers solutions for every need, and the new GTX Lithium-Ion Lifted and GTX EFI Lifted models truly raise the bar.
Secure Your Payload With the Workman® GTX Van Box
When you’re working public grounds, tool security is a top priority. And with the new van box attachment for our Workman® GTX grounds and turf crossover vehicle, you can ensure your payload is locked up tight.
Add Versatility With These New Workman® GTX Attachments
Now you can do even more with your Workman® GTX vehicle, thanks to these attachments that adapt the 6-ft. flatbed or standard cargo bed for different tasks.
Join Us for the Workman® GTX Superior Drive Tour
We’re bringing the Workman® GTX to you on this multi-city tour so you can picture the possibilities for your fleet. Take a test drive, get a free lunch and more.
All-New Workman® GTX Offers More Power, Comfort and Versatility

Our newest utility vehicle is slimmer, stronger and offers hundreds of configuration options.