Add Versatility With These New Workman® GTX Attachments

Toro’s Workman® GTX grounds and turf crossover vehicles were designed to be adaptable for virtually any task. Hundreds of configuration options are available to meet your needs on both the gas and electric GTX models.

Now you can do even more with your Workman GTX vehicle, thanks to new attachments for 2018. Developed in response to customer feedback, the following products are now available:

NEW Flatbed Solid Side Kit or Flatbed Fold-Down Side Kit
These side kits are designed to give you added flexibility for containing materials on your 6-foot flatbed. The solid side kit features a rear foldable tailgate with lanyards and durable steel sides, while the fold-down side kit allows the option for the flatbed to be used for large items when sides are not required.

Each kit can be installed on any existing GTX 6-foot flatbed with no modifications. Please note that both kits are intended for high volume/low weight operation and do not increase the weight carrying capacity of the GTX.

NEW Fold-Down Rear-Facing Seat
Need to transport more people on your Workman GTX? This option provides seating for two additional passengers. It replaces the standard cargo bed and is compatible with both the standard and extended GTX models, converting them from a two- or four-passenger configuration to a four- or six- passenger configuration, respectively.

When the vehicle is not needed for transportation, the seat folds down and doubles as a flatbed with rail sides to increase the productivity of the vehicle for other needs. Watch for a canopy extension for the rear-facing seat, coming later in 2018.

These attachments are designed to fit all current and previous GTX models. Want to see more configurations? Check out our GTX Configurator. For more information, please contact your local Toro distributor.