Get Fields In Shape Faster With The Toro ProCore® 1298 Aerator

In many areas, parks and sports fields have been shut down or have seen light use with minimal maintenance. Now demand is growing and it’s difficult to maintain turf health while also assuring field readiness to meet that demand. Aeration is essential for healthy grounds, but it can delay field availability while waiting for playable conditions to return.  

The Toro ProCore® 1298 three-point mounted aerator changes that. It shortens return-to-play time while delivering the exact aeration needed to establish and retain robust turf. Its productive design lets operators aerate more area in less time. Plus, because hole spacing is precise and clean, the recovery time for return to play is much quicker.

Aeration Efficiency

At 98″, the aeration swath of the ProCore 1298 is the largest in the market, so it can make quick work of your biggest parks and fields. Just as important as speed is accuracy, and the ProCore 1298 uses RotaLink™ geometry so the tines enter and exit the ground cleanly. This produces consistently clean holes for better looking turf and easier top dressing fill if required. Tine placement is close to the roller, keeping them at a consistent depth when traveling over undulations.

The ProCore 1298 lets you set a hole depth of up to 5″, and the depth control mechanism has a high gear ratio so that changing settings is almost effortless. The combination of two independent coring heads and compression springs delivers positive down pressure that ensures consistent hole depth and provides a dampening effect in the upward direction when a hard object is impacted underground during aeration. An oversized gear box adds durability in the toughest turf conditions.

All-Day Productivity

Easy to operate, the ProCore 1298 has a balanced configuration that greatly eliminates hopping, rocking, and uncomfortable vibration. This allows the aerator to run in the up position, which simplifies operation and increases turn-around efficiency. The result is reduced operator fatigue for a productive, efficient aeration experience.

Easy access to service components and minimal grease points shorten maintenance time. Technicians are able to spend less time performing maintenance, reducing downtime and allowing for more time completing aeration tasks.

The Best Of Tines

What sets the ProCore 1298 apart even more is the outstanding selection of tines — more than 180! For both core and venting aeration, TITAN® Tines from Toro are designed for exceptional hole quality and superior durability, lasting up to three times longer than regular tines. The wide range of tines ensures that you’ll have exactly what you need for any application. Plus, the unique TITAN QuickChange™ taper-lock design makes changing tines a snap. Check out the TITAN Tines catalog to see the complete selection.

With many innovative features that quickly return parks and fields to usable conditions, the ProCore 1298 is the ideal choice for long-term productivity and precision performance. To learn more, visit the Toro website or contact your local Toro distributor.